The keys to local SEO

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The keys to local SEO

The local SEO is primarily aimed towards those companies that have a physical space they want to give visibility either want to attract people to your business. If your company offers services in a specific geographic area and you want to get more profitability, you should apply the keys of local SEO that we are going to tell you next. What is local positioning? Local positioning is a set of SEO techniques that are aimed at increasing the online visibility of a company’s website based on the searches carried out by users in a certain geographical area. The searches czech republic cell phone numbers carried out by users may contain the keyword together with the geographical location, for example: Shopping Center in Valencia, but it may also occur that the user exclusively searches for the keyword , and that Google through the geolocation of the device from the that is conducting a search will show you the results of those companies closest to it. The results that Google displays when the user performs a local search appear in a highlight next to a location map. This highlight is the so-called Google 3 Pack, the first three results that appear in it are the ones that will have the most visits to your website or your physical business and therefore, the ones that obtain the greatest benefit. Results that Google gives about local businesses Results that Google gives about local businesses How do I position my business through local SEO?

Next, we are going to give you a series of recommendations through which you can fine-tune the local positioning of your company. 1. Try to have a consistent NAP The acronyms NAP (Name, Address, Phone) correspond to the personal identification of the business, specifically: the name, address and telephone number. By coherent we mean that you must use the same NAP in all the online sites where your company is present, such as: social networks, the website or various directories. Address and phone google my business tab Address and phone google my business tab 2. Create your business profile in Google My Business Creating a file on this platform is vital for local positioning as it will allow your business to be present on Google Maps and the client to have proof of the business online. Google allows users of its platform to upload images of their business, the telephone number so that the client can call directly from Google and of course, the location of the company in order to geolocate it and that users and potential clients can access. to the physical location more easily. Image of a company’s profile on Google My Business Image of a company’s profile on Google My Business 3. Get positive reviews In your Google My Business file , website and social networks. Google considers it relevant when it comes to positioning a company that has positive recommendations and opinions from its customers. 4. Insert the Google map on your web page Another key to local SEO is to enter the Google Maps map with the location of your business. This will allow customers to identify it more easily or even navigate to it more comfortably thanks to the option offered by Google to establish different routes to get there.

5. Optimize your website with SEO On-Pag techniques and A good way to optimize your website is through keywords in the title; through external links to other relevant web pages; creating friendly URLS; attaching multimedia files of interest to the web or using optimized images and creating meta descriptions that explain the content of the entire web page. 6. Geolocate all the images that appear of your company Adding the location of the images that you upload to your website, social networks or Google My Business is vital for local SEO since Taiwan Database in this way you specify the exact coordinates of your physical business to the search engine, thus providing it with more data so that can improve your positioning. 7. Link the social networks of your business with the website Social networks are vital when it comes to attracting traffic to the website, that is why they must be related to each other, this is another of the keys to local SEO . The RRSS of your business must contain links to the web page and vice versa so that in this way the search engine can relate them to each other.

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