The keys to the success of Tik Tok

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The keys to the success of Tik Tok

Haven’t you joined the Tik Tok fever yet ? Discover one of the most successful social networks during the quarantine months . In this article we will help you discover the keys to its expansion and conquest not only of adolescents and young people, but also of generations that until very recently did not even know about the existence of this revolutionary application . Tik Tok: The social network that moves the world Tik Tok is a platform that is based on the exchange of music videos and choreographies that in recent times has managed to surpass more long-lived social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or YouTube in followers . He was born in 2016 with the name “Douyin” whose translation from Chinese is “shake the music”, but they decided to call him differently beyond the borders of the Asian giant. In 2017 it merged with reaching colombia cell phone numbers more than 150 million monthly users worldwide. Its magic lies in the possibility it offers for personal creation through the editing and uploading of 1-minute videoselfies in which the protagonists can make use of effects and music. It contains functions based on Artificial Intelligence and amazing special effects, including Augmented Reality elements. An original and unique social network of great usability and simplicity that makes it possible to use it for all audiences. How does Tik Tok work? On the main screen of Tik Tok you can see the most popular videos and those posted by the people you follow . On the same screen you can like , follow the user, comment and share the clip. You can also search for specific users and clips, and browse trending hashtags.

To make your own clips, you just have to enter the button in the center that will give you access to the tool to record and edit your own videos . They can be short between 3 and 15 seconds, or long up to 1 minute. The best thing is that you can take several shots until you are satisfied with the results, and apply highly original filters and effects . If you want to react or respond to a specific clip you can even record your own video, and you can also record a video next to one already published. And something very important: this music video platform takes care of the privacy of users by creating private accounts whose content is visible to the platform, but is blocked for other users. The resounding success of Tik Tok during the quarantine The growth of this musical social network was already a reality since its creation. In a very short time it achieved around 80 million downloads in the United States and in 2019 it was downloaded more than 738 million times in the app stores. A true revolution that has made possible the creation of virals and high-impact musical trends . The use of musical themes for the clips has conditioned the success of themes, singers and bands.

The months of quarantine have made it one of the platforms most used by Internet users . Entire families have turned to creating really original and funny clips, health personnel send messages through highly emotional clips Until recently Tik Tok was a platform used mostly by teenagers and young people. However, the need for family recreation Taiwan Database and entertainment during the months of confinement by Covid-19 have made this social network expand among all age groups. Parents, grandparents and pets have become stars of an application that has come to move the world.

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