The Landing Pages, do they work?

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The Landing Pages, do they work?

What are Landing Pages? Its literal translation is Landing Page and that is, without further ado, a page where you land from a certain source. They are generated in order to capture the user and get him to perform a very specific and specific action. What are Landing Pages used for? As we have commented previously, the only objective of a Landing is to get an action from the visitor. The most common and widespread is that a landing page is built to Obtain a lead (call a lead to the contact of someone in particular who interests us as a buyer person). With that lead we will have access to your email address and / or phone with which to carry out other indian mobile number series list highly focused online marketing actions. Convert your visits into customers or subscribers. If you don’t do Landings Pages, your users will go to your website, gossip about it, take a walk, go to your networks surely but, in very few cases, they will leave their contact and you will have lost a giant opportunity to capture a lead .

Offer very broad information about who you are, what you do, for whom, what you have done before and you will even have a place to capture the emails of your users (subscription to the newsletter). It is much easier and above all effective to obtain qualified leads that come from other actions such as Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or similar. You will be able to return your investment by increasing your list of interested contacts to whom you will then send specific information. It is 100% designed for a single objective: everyone who reaches it, leave their email or any other contact information that you need. From a Call To Action to a Landing Page How do you get to a landing page? From a Call To Action. If you have created a Facebook Ads campaign, you will have included a Call to Action button (buy now, see more) and by clicking on it, it should take you to a landing page where you have the possibility of collecting quality information ( always and above all, the user’s email).

Likewise, if you have a blog and have included a banner campaign with a CTA , they should also go to a landing where you can leave the contact email to receive more information about the company’s actions and news. A landing page must always be preceded by a Call To Action. Do Landing Pages work? Absolutely YES! Yes, because as we have said, its sole purpose is to capture the user’s attention and generate interest in what we have to offer. They are simple, uni-focus (they only talk about one thing and in a very direct way) and they never lead to Taiwan Database confusion. A landing, an objective, a result (capture leads). Therefore, they are very effective because whoever reaches them has previously shown some interest by clicking on the CTA that leads to them, half of the ground gained, manifest interest. How do you build a perfect Landing Page? Very soon, we will tell you.

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