The most important Social Networks of 2016 For your general interest

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The most important Social Networks of 2016 For your general interest

Facebook: It is par excellence the most popular social network worldwide and the one most used by companies to connect and retain potential customers through their pages or groups. Users: 1,650 million Type of network: Social Twitter: The service of this social network is very simple, it allows a business to be in contact with its users through instant messages of 140 characters. Users: 310 million Network type: Microblogging Google+: Having a Google account generates a Google+ account by default. It integrates Google Profiles and Google Buzz services. This social network allows interaction between people and companies through circles that can be named how to call a cell phone in germany and classified according to interests. Users: +343 million Type of network: Social Badoo: This social network is ideal for chatting and sharing with friends from all over the world. It has more impact in Europe and Latin America, however, in the United States it has few followers. Users: 200 million Network type: General Hi5: This social network has a model and style similar to that of Facebook, but incorporates other characteristics that make it interesting to be part of other online communities. It has gained ground in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. Users: 200 million Network type: Social For its visual content: Flickr: This social network has become popular, as it allows you to share and exchange photos. Users: 90 million Network type: Images Instagram: This social network was created in 2010 and since then it has grown by leaps and bounds.

To follow users, it works similar to Twitter. Allows you to share photos and videos accompanied by tags or hashtag (one or more words in a row that are preceded by the symbol ‘#’ and used to talk about a specific topic). Users: 400 million Network type: Professional social network Pinterest: Users of this network can create, save and manage images also known as “pins” as well as multimedia content arranged on boards or pinboards. Users: 100 million Network type: Photo / Video Snapchat: It is a mobile application dedicated to sending files such as photos, videos and messages. It has the peculiarity that the publications sent disappear after a certain time. Users: 100 million Network type: Photo / Video YouTube: A video with the right concept, title and content can quickly go viral on this social network. It’s a great alternative for media, TV channels, brands, and visual arts professionals. Users: 1 billion Network type: Videos By your courier: WhatsApp: This messaging allows you to send and receive messages at no cost. Users can create groups to send messages, photos, audios and videos and can also mention the participants in a group conversation. Users: 1 billion Network type: Messaging Telegram: The particularity of this messaging service, launched in 2013, is that it allows you to create secret chats and channels that are used to disseminate information. This social network is the one that has bet the most on the security and privacy of its contacts.

Users: 100 million Network type: Messaging Line: This Japanese application is similar to WhatsApp but with other features such as Line Camera, Line Card, and Line Brush. Users: 300 million Network type: Messaging WeChat: The text and voice message service was created in China in 2011. One of the features that it boasts is called “Moments”, which allows you to share states, locations, photos, comments and live chats. Users: 700 million Network type: Messaging Having a book on the nightstand, a magazine or a music player can be replaced in this digital age by a mobile phone or a tablet. Any daily activity can be carried out while watching content of interest Taiwan Database on the Internet, especially on social networks. Thanks to the reach and projection towards a target audience, social networks show the importance that, both brands, businesses and professionals, must create valuable content in their profiles, which contribute and contribute to society from the sector that is unwrap. Because as we usually say, now more than ever “if they don’t see you, you don’t exist.” If you liked it and you want your company to achieve a professional and perfect marketing plan that increases your visits and thus your sales, do not hesitate to contact us through our form or by writing an email

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