The most valuable exchange currency you have and how you can use it

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The most valuable exchange currency you have and how you can use it

Does the lack of financial resources and skills limit your dreams? Maybe you are not sure that you have a very valuable asset that will help you obtain anything. Would you like to start a blog but don’t know how to do it? Surely it will not be due to lack of information because you have posts like this that explain in detail the steps to follow. Treasure Jamaica Phone Number List photo rights Your time is worth gold
When you start out the amount of information available can be overwhelming. Despite all the tutorials, you do not know how to attack the subject and you are stuck or stagnant. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who can give you a lead on the subject? As long as you do not have a family member or friend to control the issue, the thing goes through the checkout. Finances don’t give too much these days either, so spending 200-300 euros to have a blog set up for you is not part of your plans. How can the dilemma be solved? The answer is simpler than you might think: your time . Everyone has it. Mine is worth gold and yours too. Right now I am in the hospital waiting room and I am taking advantage of this supposedly dead time to type a post with my mobile.

If I don’t have enough knowledge to do something, I pay a third party or I can offer you an equivalent task done by myself to save you time and / or money. “I clean your house for a month once a week if you set up a blog for me.” The currency of exchange in this case is time . If the deal is fair, it is defined by the people who agree on it. It can be so simple (and sometimes so complicated). Time banks allow you to trade without involving money Our antecedents did not know any other form of commerce than exchanges. These did not always necessarily arise in time but above all with objects. People have evolved and they have realized that the most precious thing they have is their time because it is limited. In the modern era , time banks were born . I have never used any but the concept and the idea behind it seems simple and great at the same time. I will cut your hair if you mount the ceiling fan that I just bought. This operation can be taken to any field. This is what Jerby told himself and created the Blogger Time Bank . Among bloggers there is a continuous need to pull each other and sometimes favors do not require immediate consideration (and in most cases they are not expected either). So whenever you can, you help other bloggers by contributing your time and skills. When the time comes and the need arises, you can redeem the balance that you have accumulated.Jamaica Phone Number List

Sounds like a great idea to me that can be expanded even for more professional use. Imagine that you start to set up an online business and you need feedback, comments on the blog or links from many bloggers at the same time. Maybe these needs could also fit in this model. I don’t know, there are some ideas that come up like that quickly … We are still lucky and Taiwan Database stops by to tell us what

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