The multi-mega-interview – the latest from the blogosphere to create viral content

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The multi-mega-interview – the latest from the blogosphere to create viral content

Lately a new kind of viral content is being seen. I have dubbed it “multi-mega-interview.” Follow these tips to put it into practice. It is clear that bloggers have not just discovered the interview as a tool to create useful content that attracts readers and generates a multitude of shares on social networks. I already wrote on the subject 2 years ago giving a couple of tips to get an interview with a top blogger . This can actually be summed up by keeping it simple, being polite, and having a little patience. It is not too complicated either. Multi Mega Panama Phone Number List photo rights It has always been very fashionable to interview more or well-known bloggers within your niche. His great weakness (his ego) makes him publicize you and with a little luck he puts you a link from his blog. Since I was saturated I decided not to give any interviews during the past year. I was distancing myself from readers who generally also have a blog so it was quite counterproductive.

Why the “traditional” blog interview is no longer as effective The evolution of recent months has shown that the interview now serves the interviewee more than the blogger. This has nothing to do with the initial plan. The reasons are obvious and simple. Once the interview is carried out, the interviewee does not always give it the expected diffusion or put any link from his blog. With relatively little effort, you can place a link (or several) for your projects with relatively little effort. The blogs where the interviews are published do not always have to have a very high authority in the eyes of Google, but although we agree that quality is more important than quantity, in the end everything contributes to link building . 2 or 3 years ago you could count on one hand the referents of the different fields of online marketing . There were relatively few people who stood out. Now a new generation has arrived that is willing to take over the world and that has realized that things can be done if you work a little (when you have a bit take a look at this blog to give you an example). Best of all, this new knowledge ends up on the web and we all win. If it hadn’t been for them, I wouldn’t have gotten the idea for this post.Panama Phone Number List

What I mean is that it makes less and less sense to highlight a person because there are many who do extraordinary work. Consequently, new formulas had to be sought. What is a multi-mega-interview and how to launch it? At this point it is not so difficult to understand what a multi-mega-interview is. Instead of creating a post based on a person’s content, you multiply it by 5-50 . There really are no limits. The more people you involve in the interview, the more virality that article will have later for obvious reasons. Check out this example (1,379 shares ), this one (1,111 shares ), or this one (557 shares ). Finding a topic of interest for the multi-mega-interview You are the one with whom you interact online, so that interviewees can gain prestige by participating in an interview with other well-known people in the sector . Let’s remember the “ego” factor that can always be a very powerful wild card in this context. Ok, let’s get down to business. How to find the topic to increase the probability that this post will get some virality?

Choose a topic with a monthly search volume : you can find out in 2 ways. You can choose the monthly search volume or the times that a type of content is shared on social networks. In the first case, you can use SEO tools like Semrush or simply use Google’s keyword planner . The advantage of being guided by the search engine data is that with a bit of luck that post even manages to position itself in the top 10 for that keyword. Both the shares in social networks and the fact that it is an ideal post for linkbaitingmakes 50% of the key factors to position content in Google are met (I’ll talk about the rest shortly). When creating the post, I found a post that met the criteria of a multi-mega-interview and that also showed an exaggerated amount of social media shares , among which Google+ stood out. I have not included it because my suspicion was that it was inflated data to achieve the previously described effect …;)

Detect “viral” themes within your niche : you have probably already heard of this tool if you often read online marketing blogs frequently. It’s about Taiwan Database . With the data obtained from the keyword search, you could apply a second filter to find out which of them has the most “viral” potential. Buzzsumo returns you the total number of times that content has been shared on the social networks Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, searching for different topics. Unfortunately the free version is limited to the first 10 results. In a post on Quora curiously from one of the founders you can find some alternatives to Buzzsumo . Identify and find relevant bloggers in your niche If you have been in the sector for months or years, this part is unnecessary. Surely you already know even if it is not personally the majority of the relevant blogs and bloggers within your niche. If you start from scratch it can be more complicated. Blog rankings can be a first step to guide you.

Blog rankings : I’ve always missed a site that orders blogs by topic relevance. At a very generic level, there is something by category, as you can find it in the Blogs portal, but not something where you could search, for example, at the level of “vegetarian cuisine” and even at the “kitchen” level. If you are looking for a blog for fathers and mothers, you would have to go to more specialized rankings such as Madresfera . Not for every topic there are portals with specialized directories. Your own Excel : in the worst case the only thing left for you is to create your own Excel. You can start by searching Google for “top blogs of …” and then analyze the posts that come out one by one. Sometimes it can also be a good strategy to start from a relevant one and search through sections such as the Blogroll or pages with “recommended blogs” to complete the Excel.

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