The multicultural factor: a variable that makes a difference in today’s digital advertising environment

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The multicultural factor: a variable that makes a difference in today’s digital advertising environment

Advertising seeks to connect brands with people. An infinite number of factors intervene in this chain. And in that equation the current multicultural environment takes on more and more weight. There are many examples, but the most recent and paradigmatic has been that of Ikea. The company has just launched a campaign in the United Arab Emirates with the aim of positioning itself as a brand of solutions for the home for all the cultures that coexist there. To do this, it has recreated three iconic rooms; The Simpsons, Friends and Stranger  uae phone directory  Things. These spaces will be recreated in Ikea stores in the Middle East and all objects can be purchased. Ikea’s action reveals something that is a reality in societies; the multicultural factor. In Spain, for example, according to the INE, almost 10% of the population (9.97%) is foreign. And in the United States, it is estimated according to the North American census, that in 2044 there will be a multicultural majority in the country. These figures show that the multicultural consumer segment does not stop growing. And because of that, taking a multicultural approach to digital campaigns has become a necessity for brands and agencies. This perspective, which endorses the consumer first vision, implies important changes in the paradigm of digital advertising. However, before introducing these variables, it is important to analyze in depth, and with data, if the traits and interests of the target to whom the digital marketing actions are directed are known. And not get carried away by what Shakira sang of intuition. In this sense, it is advisable, if it were the case, to invest in studies that analyze which attributes of the product are preferred by the public or the community to which the campaign is to be directed and which are the main attributes and preferences of consumers.

Once brands and agencies have well defined the field of play, the audience, and the ‘players’ of the consumers’ interests are placed, it is highly recommended to perform a cluster or data conglomerate analysis, with which the people based on different values ​​such as city or income. Since this study enables market segmentation, as well as projecting income opportunities with which to better adjust digital investment. Continuing with the football simile, once the initial whistle has been given, it is time to move the ball through contextual targeting. A circulation of the ball, which consists of aligning the messages of the campaigns with the user experience and advertising, after having analyzed the visible text of the pages and established the themes that appear in them. This triangulation allows the opportunities to reach relevant users to be maximized; those with a high intention of interacting with the brand or buying its products. In this meeting of digital advertising, the tactic of brands and agencies to achieve victory is to include the lifestyle and customs of each community in their campaigns. As well as the idiosyncrasies of each country, its organizational structure, at all levels, its own lifestyles and other cultural issues. All these elements, which include, from the day of the week in which the salary is received, -which varies according to country and sector-, until the time of getting up or going to bed of the users, will have to be taken into consideration, before launching a campaign, for the digital strategy and to adapt the creatives, their texts and images, and redouble the investments in the ‘hottest’ moments.

Among the tangle of legs involved in this multicultural encounter and to break the lines and reach the goal of optimization, the infallible pass to the gap is the use of registration data. In this sense, it is advisable to check the information of the browser language once the user registration data has been analyzed. Thus, for example, if a campaign is launched in several languages, Spanish and English, and it is observed that 80% of the traffic uses Spanish as the browser language setting, it is advisable, on the one hand, to readjust the budget to comply with uae phone directory  that demand. And on the other, to channel the public towards creativity in Spanish and to the Spanish landing. At the same time, you assess whether you need any additional creativity or not. Once the area is reached, the shot on target occurs when brands and agencies are able to recognize the value that audience multiculturalism brings to their campaigns, and integrate it into their digital advertising strategy. Only in this way will they be able to optimize the campaigns and achieve the full satisfaction of consumers, who will receive advertisements for products or services adapted to their own characteristics and in which they are really interested.

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