The new form of cyberattack: phishing Netizens’

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The new form of cyberattack: phishing Netizens’

Personal data has always been at risk if passwords are not properly encrypted. If the pages that may pose a danger are not avoided or if you avoid having an antivirus that protects against possible threats. But now all this has evolved and attacks on netizens have gone further with phishing , making them truly fear for their privacy and their most intimate contents. Cybersecurity allows users of new technologies to have their documents safe from any possible attack. Phishing and attack against computer security It phishing also is known as spoofing identity by someone who controls these networks via email . And it is based on the technique of impersonating the credit cards or passwords of the user who is being attacked, carrying out techniques that help him to impersonate cell phone numbers georgia him to collect confidential information from the attacked person. Its purpose is to obtain data with which, later, to be able to threaten the victim or directly withdraw money from their accounts.

What can we do to prevent it? There is a large number of daily Internet users who do not take into account that there are people and organizations that are dedicated to this, so care is not taken when encrypting certain data. There are steps we can take to prevent them from entering our accounts. It usually comes in the form of email to confirm some information and thus, get access to what they want. Something that must be done is to verify that this email really belongs to the purpose it expresses. The way that email is written will also verify a lot about its reliability. For example, an email from a serious entity is well structured and has no spelling mistakes, while in these cases many of them can be found. On many occasions it is a bad translation , since it does not always come from our own country. In case it arrives from an entity or a bank to which we are linked and we have doubts, we can call to be verified if the email is really yours.

Something very important if the first impression is not reliable is that the attachments should not be accessed . We must be careful, since they are where the virus that will later help them access our system is found. Frequently updating the operating system and antivirus also helps prevent these types of attacks, as updates allow detecting these problems. – It is necessary to make sure that the websites are secure pages, this is displayed like this: ” https :”. Resume This type of malware can seriously damage our bank account or our privacy, so it is necessary  Taiwan Database  that we take into account possible cyberattacks such as phishing. Let us warn if we believe that it is necessary for higher administrations to take charge of it.

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