The phone, that time thief

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The phone, that time thief

First of all, what better way to open this post with the affirmation that I am delighted to receive calls from my clients, friends, family, but… Is the phone a time thief? Those of us who are already a certain age, our customs are also deeply rooted. In most cases, when we want to contact someone, the first thing we do is pick up the phone and call, it even causes us some concern when we make a couple of calls to a collaborator or a supplier and they do not answer us. The phone is something that we carry with us 24 hours a day 7 days a week and it is rare that they do not pick it up , they should respond and quickly. It is at that moment when we think is there a problem? He doesn’t want to talk to me, that’s why something’s wrong … Yes, it is surely the case that whoever indian telephone number example we are calling simply cannot attend to us because he needs to work on our assignment. For me, it would be difficult to predict the future of the telephone, but I am going to dare, I believe that to a large extent in labor relations it will fall into disuse and will remain almost exclusively in the field of personal relations , since in the workplace every time I perceive more inconveniences than advantages, it will remain as something for family and friends, always with the permission of the wasap, skipe or facetime.

In my work , as will happen to most of you, my preferred communication channel is email. It is perfect! When it comes in it just makes a little noise and you know you have one, you’ll see it when you can. On the other hand, the telephone insists with its ringing calling your attention again and again, in addition, when you look at the missed calls, it produces a feeling of guilt for not being able to answer them, although it really was because you needed nobody to bother you for a while to to be able to get that offer that you should have sent an hour ago. Therefore, this post aims to be a plea in favor of email and against the telephone , many of you will understand me, I know that you suffer it just like I do. I take advantage of those who take for granted to tell them that I always answer emails and that there are many advantages: For the stingy, who know that it is cheaper than the telephone , it also costs you the same to send one to your partner in the office next door as to a client in Australia, there are no distances, a challenge for physics It is practically instantaneous , there is no time, another challenge overcome.

It also allows you to communicate with many people at the same time with a single action, it is effective. We can detail, reflect and correct what has been written before hitting the send button. It allows attaching images, documents, videos and attaching links to web pages, it is interactive and total. Leave a record of both the ones you send and the ones you receive, also the responses and it can be filed. And what is very important, you can read and respond to it whenever you want or when you can. In short, today, we have no choice but to be more productive and it seems that everything is based on doing more in the same time, which is a lot every day, therefore it is very important that we are able to implement habits and ways of working efficient that Taiwan Database allow us to organize tasks and complete them successfully, the telephone, at least in my case, can become a sink of unpredictable time and difficult to control, unless you decide not to take it and we already know that what it entails, there are many Clients and collaborators who have been using this common communication channel in our relationship for years and it is difficult to change now, but we must try because a hard morning on the phone can involve many tasks planned without completing.

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