The power of guilty pleasures and the brands we secretly consume

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The power of guilty pleasures and the brands we secretly consume

There are some expressions accounts to talk about them and there are not few who use them, especially when talking about entertainment content. Guilty pleasures are everywhere and appear in many lists, conversations, articles in the media and analyzes of why certain things are consumed and why they should be seen as guilty pleasures (or not).

To them are also added those things that are consumed and bought but that do not have that somewhat positive vision that surrounds guilty pleasure and that, therefore, are not usually on lists or in confessions, but are like secret brands and secret  uk phone database  products that we use but do not end up telling anyone. Brands and products on which we are concerned that others may know that we have been using or consuming enter this field.

The “secret” consumption is one more element of the purchasing habits and the decision-making of the buyers. It is also one of the elements that brands have to take into account and one that researchers have begun to study. In fact, there are those who have already wondered if this secret consumption of certain brands and certain products could have an impact on the attractiveness of the purchase process similar to that of having a lover. That is, does it make the secret any more exciting?

A study carried out by experts from Towson University and which has just been published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology has just entered this field. They have wondered if secret consumption ends up increasing the attraction that this product or brand generates on the consumer and if therefore it has a significant impact on purchasing decisions and on the emotional ties that are established with the product or brand.

Yes we have secret marks
The first point that the researchers analyzed is whether there really is such secrecy in consumption. That is, they tried to scientifically conclude whether consumers maintain – or not – secret shopping habits in front of other consumers and in front of their circle. The conclusions of the study are clear: citizens have secret brands and with some of them they hide their consumption patterns.

66% of the consumers surveyed recognized that they maintain a brand that they consume secretly at least and 40% recognized that this secrecy was marked by a certain shame associated with being a user of that specific brand. It is also interesting to note that these consumers were responding openly.

That is, the study is based on their responses and the conscious decisions they have made to point out this reality. That suggests that the weight of secret brands and consumption guidelines that you do not want others to know could be even greater.

The power of emotional ties
But the study did not stop there, but also analyzed the emotional ties that consumers establish with these brands and with these “secret” products. For this, several experiments were done. In one of them, consumers received a package of granola and were invited to eat it. One group of consumers was told that they had to keep this use secret and another was told nothing.

In another experiment, a part of the consumers had to watch a video of an unknown musician and answer questions about him. Weeks later, they were surveyed again, but asked not to participate if they had covered the previous survey.

In the first case, the researchers wanted to study the power of secrecy as a linking element. Second, the tendency to lie. The conclusions were also clear. Consumers can easily lie and lying about something causes them to develop stronger connections with  uk phone database  the brand (that is, those who had lied when they covered the surveys had stronger ties to the musician in question). Not only that: having a brand that is consumed in secret increases the personal connection with the brand in question. He feels more attached to her.

All this means that, in a paradoxical way, those brands that are consumed in secret and about which others are not told end up having a very important weight for consumers. Subconsciously, loyalty to that brand increases and also the connection established with it.

The ties with our guilty pleasure are therefore potentially stronger than those we establish with that brand that we do not stop talking about.

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