The SOV and its use in Online Marketing Maybe

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The SOV and its use in Online Marketing Maybe

SOV is a term that you do not know, but if you are a marketing apprentice, surely you have heard it somewhere, continue reading … The term SOV is obviously an acronym which stands for “Share of Voice” . This is a marketing metric that is used to know how much participation or impact a brand has in the market. This helps guide marketing campaigns and measure the status of a brand’s image. Perhaps you are a marketer and you don’t know which indicator to use in order to measure and quantify your work done. So that this does not take away valid china mobile number your sleep, we will dedicate ourselves to explaining a metric that will allow you to determine the level of participation of your company or brand in the market. And of course yes, we are referring to the SOV (Share of Voice). What is SOV (Share Of Voice)? As we already mentioned, surely you have read this term in an internet portal related to marketing, but you probably do not know what it means. The SOV (Share Of Voice) basically refers to the level of participation of an actor (in this case a brand, but it can be a company or a user, among others) in a specific channel. This is of utmost importance in digital marketing , as it will help you to know the impact, with respect to participation, that is had on the actions taken.

This means that, if we are participants, to know if users mention us, and also to know how they do it, how often and if they speak in a positive or negative way. But, without a doubt, the main thing when talking about SOV, is to know how it can be measured . And it is that, as we mentioned before, the SOV is a metric that manages to indicate how much relevance we have, what percentage of the conversation is agglutinated around us and how much attention our plan or content can generate. Therefore, later on we will take care of giving you the formula used to measure the Share of Voice. Calculation formula We already mentioned it, and we repeat it; The Share of Voice is a metric that manages to determine the participation of a brand in the digital market , among others, with respect to the competition. And it is clear that to calculate it requires a mathematical formula. Its generic calculation is as follows: SOV It should be noted that SOV can be used in different environments. Where can the Share Of Voice or SOV be applied? The SOV technique is quite extensive and can be used as an indicator in various contexts.

We will tell you two of them: Social media: The calculation made of the SOV as a Social Media metric, seeks to collect all the mentions of customers where a brand appears in a specific online social structure, for example, Twitter. For example ; Suppose that in August a Treding Topic about a Global Crisis arose, where 3,000 tweets were registered, and a brand was mentioned 1,500 times. That means that, that gives a Share Of Voice of 50% to said brand on Taiwan Database the social network Twitter. In this way, it is possible to analyze how well known a brand is, also how and how much it is talked about when comparing it with its competition. Advertising campaigns: Advertising, by far, is one of the best weapons in marketing. And the answer to how to measure this broad set of business strategies …

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