The trends that are currently setting SEO strategies

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The trends that are currently setting SEO strategies

As with marketing in general and with your strategy in particular, things change in the field of SEO as well. They do it constantly and recurrently, although it could almost be said that every year there are new things and that every year the organization of what matters is modified and renewed. Companies have to know what matters each time to their consumers, but also how the most effective ways to offer it are modified.

In the case of SEO, analysts and experts work to try to understand what is happening and how trends are changing, with some clues that are sometimes offered by search engine managers themselves (as is the case with Google).

The things that matter right now could be organized based on nine major trends in SEO, as pointed out in an analysis from Branex. They are the  american phone numbers list  decisive points that are marking the positioning agenda this year and that require structuring the SEO strategy.

Put yourself in the shoes of consumers
Or what is the same: first of all you have to focus on the intentions of consumers and not only on what they see when they are looking for a question but also on what they expect to see. You have to try to visualize what results they expect to find when their search engines type a specific keyword.

Voice searches are here
As they explain in the analysis, 2019 is the year in which to focus on voice searches because it will be the time when they take a run. This forces companies to optimize what they do to position themselves in this field and to start taking into account how they should act to connect with them.

Websites and content should focus on the questions that consumers will ask their attendees and offer the answers that they will see with better eyes.


Search is no longer just a question of Google
Yes, Google is still the most used search engine in the world and its mobile operating system, Android, the most present in the global market. Companies have to keep thinking about Google by putting it at the epicenter of their strategy, but not only Google is important. There are also more and more spaces for search and more scenarios in which consumers do them.

In-app searches are becoming more and more frequent, but also those carried out on Facebook or Amazon. In fact, Amazon has already established itself as the place where purchase searches start, whether they are made later on Amazon or not, which forces it to position itself in that field as well.

The brand has become a positioning factor
This is: the power of the brand influences the positioning ranking. As they point out in the analysis, mentions of brands, the feelings it arouses, reputation and context will have more value in 2019 than they were.

Mobile, mobile, mobile
It may seem almost redundant to have to continue insisting on this point, since after all Google itself had made it clear on one of the few occasions in which it has given clear instructions about what its search engine wants that this was the key point . The pages have to be adapted to the mobile and what happens in that area impacts the positioning.

To this must be added, as they recall in the analysis, that more and more searches are made on mobile phones, which makes it even more crucial to position well in that field. As mobiles gain more search share, it is more important to be well positioned in that field.

You have to go for the snippets
Answer boxes, information carousels, or similar items that provide data within search results have become increasingly important, more prominent, and more decisive as sources of traffic. This implies that we must take care much more than ever the strategy in this field and seek more than ever to enter those spaces.

You need to create quality content by betting on the LSI keywords
The LSI keywords are the related keywords. That is, the type of terms that were usually recommended to be used in journalistic texts (“do not use the  american phone numbers list  same word and use synonyms”, they used to insist on classes in the faculty) but that the early days of the SEO strategy killed with the recommendation of always using the same word to position it better in Google.

Google has learned that quality content is not one that repeats the same word endlessly and that has impacted on keywords. A text to achieve good positioning today not only has to be written with quality but it has to use keywords and related ones.

SEO is also a lot of technical work
It is a point that is often forgotten when it comes to writing to position yourself, but it is crucial. We must also take care of what is not seen and that implies optimizing, as they remember in the analysis, the URL structure and the technological behind the scenes.

Loading speed can’t wait any longer
It is no longer just that the patience threshold of Internet users in loading speed is increasingly low, but also that of search engines. No matter how much SEO strategy is made, if the page takes too long to load all the work will remain in borage water.


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