The trends that are impacting the packaging design change

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The trends that are impacting the packaging design change

Packaging is a key tool in the sales strategy, since it is what allows products to reach consumers and that they can access them. It is also what introduces the brand at the point of sale and what differentiates, at first glance, the company from its competition.

Like all elements of the marketing strategy, packaging is also in the process of change and adjustment to the new times. You have to keep up with consumers and respond to their changing concerns and interests. Based on what the experts consider to be  uk mobile number list  happening in this field, certain conclusions can be reached about which trends are impacting the design decisions that are being taken in the packaging universe.

Packaging becomes more sustainable
Consumers are increasingly aware of issues of respect for the environment and how their consumption patterns create a footprint. This means that they make new purchasing decisions, but also that they are increasingly demanding with what companies do and with how their products reach them. This implies that the production and marketing chain has to be much more respectful of the environment, but also that the packaging has to be much greener. Large companies are becoming more and more concerned about this issue and are reducing the use of materials with a negative impact, such as plastic.

The beginning of the end of plastic
One of the great changes in consumption that citizens experienced in the year that just ended has been the end of free plastic bags in all types of businesses. Now, they have to pay for them, wherever they are buying. This is simply a sample of how things are changing and how a greater sensitivity towards plastic has been created.

In fact, plastic is not only in trouble due to legal changes but also because of company decisions, which have begun to reduce its use. Large fast food chains, from McDonalds to Starbucks, have announced that they will do without plastic straws.

An analysis by Frost & Sullivan recently pointed out that the market would change with personalized packaging options for consumers and also using more technology to organize what they do and how they do it. The future goes through a “smart packaging”, as they explain in their forecasts, which ensures the safety of food or that storage is durable, but at the same time makes it much more “eco-friendly”. Even, therefore, where there is no choice but to continue using plastic, it will be used in a completely different way to better connect with the new market needs and with the new sensitivities of consumers.

Packaging will make things ready to be shown to the world
It’s what analysts call Shelf Ready Packaging . The boom in retail companies that sell at low prices (such as Aldi or Lidl supermarkets) but also the push of electronic commerce are creating new needs in packaging. The packaging of products not only has to be increasingly functional, but also has to serve to reduce steps or to reach consumers in a more direct way. This trend makes everything much more standardized so that the process of picking and placing on the shelves is much faster but also so that these products work better in that environment.

In a way, packaging has to make everything much easier, both for the brand and for the seller and for the consumers. Here you can put another great trend in food packaging, the boom of ready-to-eat packaging. Consumers increasingly depend  uk mobile number list  on pre-cooked or ready-to-eat meals and even, when it is not, on food delivery services that bring them the food they want. The packaging has to adapt to those needs.

Packaging is increasingly marketing
Packaging is not only what allows the product to reach the consumer but it is also a marketing tool. It is not a novelty or a last minute discovery, but analysts believe that it will be increasingly recognized as a solution and as a marketing strategy tool. Packaging will be used more and more to generate brand recognition and to convey the values ​​of the product and what makes them different. Your role will be increasingly central.


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