The trends that are setting the SEO agenda right now

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The trends that are setting the SEO agenda right now

Reaching consumers is the great obsession and concern of brands and companies and, in this, tools that have become almost traditional in online marketing continue to be crucial. For many changes that the network has gone through and for many new things that have been presented to the consumer and have conquered him, web positioning is still crucial. Businesses  phone numbers database free download  have to keep doing SEO.

But, yes, you cannot continue doing SEO like two, five or ten years ago. SEO strategy changes and it is necessary to be clear about what dominates the agenda at all times.

The trends that are dominating the agenda in 2019 run parallel to many of the elements that concern in other areas of online marketing, as can be concluded by extracting the highlights of the analysis on SEO trends that they do in Business2Community .

We have to keep talking about the mobile
After the last changes that Google imposed on the rules of the game and after it also made public the weight that the mobile was going to have on them, in a way it almost seems redundant to continue talking about the mobile. However, you have to keep doing it. Mobile is crucial and not only in terms of SEO (and based on the fact that we already do more searches on mobile than on desktop), but because mobile phones are becoming a crucial element in all the guidelines of the daily life of the consumers.

Metadata has become an element to be exploited
If before when you were looking for something in Google the search engine was limited to simply putting us the most appropriate links, now Google is more committed to saving us unnecessary clicks. You just have to think about what happens when you ask a specific question. Google tends to position content that already gives a clear answer and that is seen in the search results themselves.

That is why developing metadata is so important, as it helps to position yourself much better in the search engine. Not only does it help the company’s content to appear by default in the responses, but it also helps that information be added or become one of the many extras that searches now use to make consumers’ lives easier .

Keywords are still important but they cannot continue to be used as in 2003
Keywords were the essence of SEO strategy in the past, the key element that made things work. In a newsroom in an online medium, the first lesson they gave you was to repeat until boredom, however counterintuitive it was from everything learned in journalism, the keyword that you wanted to position yourself to the point of boredom. That no longer works and that they continue to fall into these practices shows that companies have not yet understood that Google, now, wants quality content, also in its execution. And that supposes synonyms.

But the keywords have not died, they have only changed. You have to work on them in a different way and assume that new formulas for having them have appeared. In addition to the LSI keywords (in a few words: the synonyms), you also have to work on long-tail keywords (those that put the company in specific niches) or those linked to geosegmentation.

Longform contents rise in importance
Longform content had already been positioned as an emerging trend in online media (readers were looking for more quality) and also in content marketing (for the same reason: it was necessary to offer quality content with value to consumers).

Now they have also become a key piece in web positioning. You do not have to write very long topics as in the reference online media, but you do have to  phone numbers database free download  position yourself between 1,000 and 2,500 words. It helps consumers to better understand the products, services or brand, but it also allows them to position themselves better in terms of SEO. They are also the simplest vehicle to use LSI keywords or to position niche keywords.

The new SEO: working for the voice
The boom in smart speakers and accompanying personal assistants has caused an explosion in a year. Now companies have to work not only to be found in search but also to do so in mobile search. This means changing the structure but also understanding what, how, when and where to search using the voice, as well as what attendees want to find.

The big trends in online marketing have an echo in SEO
The trends that are setting the digital marketing strategy in a much more general way, such as influencer marketing, for example, also have an echo in SEO. Marketing with influencers helps positioning because their presence in social networks has a lot of pull, true, but also because through it, says the analysis of SEO strategy, they can help to better position the page.

Videos, another element on the rise, are also important, because not only Internet users are preferring them but also because they have also become a showcase in which positioning must be worked.

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