The trends that mark the present and the immediate future of mobile marketing

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The trends that mark the present and the immediate future of mobile marketing

The new presentations of technology and the changes that the market is experiencing have a direct impact on what happens in the mobile environment and on the services that consumers are receiving. Of course, they also have an impact on what marketers should do and how marketing and advertising strategies should be shaped. The novelties in this field mark where things are going and how the steps that are being taken to connect with consumers should be changed.

We are more and more connected and the mobile environment is becoming more and more important, which means that the top marketing managers have to be more attentive than ever to what is happening in this environment. As they point out in Chief Marketing  buy usa number  , CMOs have to be more attentive than ever to changes in order to respond to them and to protect themselves against how they will affect them in the immediate future. From his analysis, four main lines can be extracted that mark where the agenda goes.

5G is no longer one of those things that “will come in the future”
After years in which 5G was one of those things that were expected for the immediate future and that seemed like they were going to settle at some point in the future (but were not yet ready to appear on the market), it has already crossed the frontier of the future element to become the next big thing.

Phones with 5G connection capabilities have already been presented at the last Mobile World Congress and some markets are already working to implement the networks. In the United States, for example, it is already expected that in 2025 50% of connections will be by 5G. This will involve technological changes, of course, but also a revolution in how mobile advertising and marketing is done. Businesses cannot wait until the last minute for change. They have to start working on it now.

The car is already a new space for mobile marketing
Vehicles are starting to include technologies like gesture recognition, but that’s just the tip of an iceberg on how things are changing and how new technologies are being incorporated into this space as well. Voice recognition and voice assistants are already integrated into new vehicle models and are creating new opportunities and new spaces for mobile marketing. In addition, not everything is done and it is expected that in the future the mobile will be a powerful source of data on consumers.

M-commerce will no longer be limited only to mobile
One of the great moments of conquest that brands and companies had to underpin in what the electronic commerce revolution touches was to make their consumers feel so comfortable buying from their mobile (in which more and more and longer) than from your desk. They succeeded, but that border is not the only one they will have to conquer because mobile electronic commerce is going to go beyond the smartphone itself.

As connectivity improves more and more (something that the 5G boom will implement even more), the connection opportunities and the number of connected devices will also grow, devices that could be another window of sales. For example, mirrors with virtual reality will become not only an experience in a shopping space but also a possible window to make a sale. As they point out in the analysis, the boundaries between what is online and offline commerce are becoming increasingly blurred.

Concern for ethics will become more prominent
In recent months, ethics has become a keyword in the marketing and advertising industry. It is being mentioned more and more because it is more buy usa number  and more important. As consumers become more and more concerned about what happens to their personal information and what brands know about them (and how they use it), the debate has become more prominently oriented to how it should be used. ethics and what are the behaviors that do not comply with it.

In fact, people are beginning to talk about the need to create a culture of data ethics in companies and in their ecosystems and how monitoring these points has become an increasingly important element in the CMO’s activity. In an increasingly connected mobile world, this only becomes more apparent.

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