The trends that will mark the agenda in social media marketing in the coming months

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The trends that will mark the agenda in social media marketing in the coming months

Social networks have been part of the marketing strategy for many years now and have therefore lost the shine of the new. Despite this, it is still not completely clear what to do and what not to do (and not a few brands and companies continue to make mistakes) and it is also necessary to keep up to date with what the market is and how they are. changing things. Social media is a living environment and one that is constantly changing and adjusting.

To understand the state of affairs, several experts have pointed to Forbes what they think will be the movements and trends that set the tone in social  us based mobile number  networks in the coming months and are already the elements that must be taken into account time to develop a social media strategy and position yourself in this environment.

A few lessons can be drawn from their recommendations about where things are going and how trends in social networks and social media marketing will change during these months.

Welcome to the era of nano-influencers
The last few months have been the boom, boom and bust period of influencer marketing. Brands, and those responsible for them, have gone from the enthusiasm of the first moments, when they were discovering the potential of influencers and when they had not been contaminated (so much) with irrelevant profiles, with artificially swollen accounts and with the ballast of the freewheeling influencers.

This has caused a certain disenchantment to occur and things have lost their shine. And that is also what has underpinned a new alternative, that of nano-influencers, who have been very present in the production of where things will go in the year that it enters social networks and who also appear in the predictions that it publishes Forbes . It is expected that there will be an increase in the use of these profiles by brands, who will start looking for more authentic influencers and will also have understood that more followers does not necessarily imply more engagement.

Technological innovations also impact social networks
The new elements that star in technology news and the concerns and illusions of CIOs will also be a reason for change for those responsible for social networks. The visual and creative language of social media will adapt to these new elements.

Private accounts will have a boom time
A surprising change is taking place on Instagram: some companies and brands are putting their accounts in private, in a way to maintain and gain followers and also to generate exclusivity and control who receives the message. Consumers will also increasingly do so.

Another trend that experts identify is the boom in the move to a private account among members of Generation Z. Young people are increasingly aware of the need for privacy and have also had a relationship with social networks. long and durable enough to understand that things have many faces. They want to protect their personal life more and more and for that they are not only changing how their accounts are (and making them private) but also using new apps that allow them to feel more secure.

Stories will continue to grow
During 2018, stories were one of the hot topics and one of those that appeared in all the “what to do” recommendations. They were also one of the elements that were constantly growing, increasing their presence and weight in the marketing strategy in social networks. Their popularity and attractiveness were what made them become something of a recurring element on social media, something that everyone seemed to be launching, creating and promoting. The stories were everywhere.

Experts believe that they will be even more so during 2019, especially considering that social networks themselves are putting them as a prominent element of their strategy. Facebook is going to push the format versus the news feed, for example.

The new twist of video on social media is segmentation
If in recent years video was the star of social networks and what was on the rise, with everyone betting on video and launching this type of content to  us based mobile number  connect with audiences (and ingratiate themselves with the algorithms that controlled feeds ) now the strategy becomes more sophisticated. Videos will be the key to engagement in real time, they point out in the analysis, but also something that will be sought that is increasingly refined.

Instead of releasing videos for everyone, the videos will be much more specific and much more concrete. They will be segmented for specific audiences. Brands will understand that the same content does not work for everyone in a general way and will begin to create more relevant content for specific audiences. It is the era of personalization applied to video.

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