The union between the two is such that we already find specialized

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The union between the two is such that we already find specialized

Tools only in these two aspects. Guiding leads towards the automated flow of the content they download is achieved by linking the website with the platform used for the automation campaign (in my case I use Active Campaign ). With this tool you can extract data such as … Where they are located (city). Where they are in the sales funnel. Your Lead Scoring or score based on behavior. What pages of our website they visit, what emails they open and what they are interested in. And a thousand more things that you can discover with this tool. Tags and triggers branding brandThe tags are used to identify the leads and the triggers activate an automatic task according to certain particularities. Its programming will be defined based on a series of conditions. Let’s see it with an example of several cases: Triggers: User clicks on the advertisement. Task to be automated: activate the delivery of a landing page. Triggers: User submits a contact form. Task to be automated: Send an email with the expected content. Thus, most marketing automation software, like the one I mentioned in the Email Marketing tool section, provide various triggers and tags to link and customize the actions of the campaign. Monitor the process and analyze the results reportsSometimes, when configuring the automated marketing campaign, we can make mistakes during the planning of activities and assigning triggers and labels. Therefore, KPIs and actions must be monitored frequently to see if everything is working correctly or adjustments must be made.

Investment priceTo apply automated marketing you need to invest. And I’m not talking about € 100-€ 200, but investing well. Because our results will also depend on our investment. It is very common to think that some advertising campaigns have not worked because € 100 has been invested and without a strategy. Very normal that they do not work. Sales funnels and automated marketing don’t work like that, it works with a lot of planning and work behind it. Example of an automated marketing process A workflow is similar to taking a train, going through several stations until reaching the destination, in this case to conversion. The walk should be simple and easy. Others consider it as the representation of the conversion funnels through which customers pass who receive automatic responses according to their behavior. Just as not all people are the same, their needs are not the same either, so they demand varied information to reach the goal. An example of an automated marketing campaign would be the birthday greeting. Prepare a follow-up and issue an email with special and exclusive content for that client on the birthday date. Not doing it is losing the opportunity to increase engagement. For example, if you have a beauty clinic, schedule the sending of congratulations to users by offering discounts on facial or moisturizing treatments. If they use this discount, remove them from automation, but if not, send another email reminding them that they have a few days for the award to expire. Another case would be a sales funnel to schedule a call with a salesperson, for example for a dental clinic with its marketing.

sales funnel services Practical tips for your marketing automation I leave you a list with some recommendations for you to apply in your company and improve the marketing automation process. Detail the strategies and KPIs. To do this, be clear about the objectives you want to meet. Select the automated marketing tool that suits your goals. Establish the form of communication in each of the stages of the sales funnel. Choose between emails, social networks, always adapting to automation software. Set the periodicity in which you will deliver content about the purchase process to the client, in order to transmit the correct message at the exact moment. Analyze the results. Every action in marketing has a goal and with automation you can measure and interpret them. This way you will know if you are on the right track. The marketing team must guide the automation strategies with the support of the software. Never neglect the role of supervising. Create a database that will be essential to achieve the goals. Analyze the integral cost of marketing automation in which you must include consultancies, content development and contacts. Focus on solving the small details, as this is the best way to get a satisfactory ROI. For example, recover abandoned carts in an ecommerce. All with the macro objective of increasing turnover and profit. It prepares the work team, since sometimes some of its members do not know how to apply marketing automation. Conclusion: Do I need to automate the marketing of my business? They say that great changes are preceded by chaos. Don’t wait for your company to enter a crisis stage to automate marketing strategies. It is no longer worth having the best work team, an innovative product or quality services if you do not detach yourself from traditional processes. Remember the DMC DeLorean car from the “Back to the Future” saga? Its characteristics broke with the schemes of the time. But its creator John De Lorean hoped that the difficulties would clothe him and made the wrong decision to get involved in illegal activities. In 1982 he fell into bankruptcy. End of story! In short, with marketing automation you can position your brand, qualify new and better leads, reduce work time, costs, increase efficiency … and much more.

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