The value of generic domains that contain a “money keyword”

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The value of generic domains that contain a “money keyword”

One might think that domain investing is a bit out of date. I’ll explain what domains with “money keywords” are and what they bring you. If you ask a programmer “Is it possible …?”, The answer is almost always “Yes, sure …”. Over time I have learned that you have to add a second part which is… and how long would it take…? By being able to do it, you can because everything is a matter of time and effort. Money Portugal Phone Number List photo right The answer to the question if you can make money investing in generic domains is similar, although a little more optimistic. By proxy you can but it is clear that you have to know how. My story as a domainer In case you weren’t sure. A domainer is a person who invests in domains in order to get a financial return . I started investing in domains in 2005 together with my brother. Some will remember this. I think it was in November of the same year that .es were finally released and that everyone without being a company or having a trademark could freely register a domain.

He had lived closely the evolution of the .de domains. They were a total success, even replacing the .com domain in popularity. Seeing this evolution, I almost took it for granted that in Spain we were going to be able to experience a very similar scenario. In the best of cases, he even saw the domain .es representing the entire Spanish-speaking world for ” es pañol”. I must admit that it was not quite like that. I made a lot of money with some and lost some money with many. The truth is that this requires dedication if you want to get an economic return . Apart from uploading them to Sedo (auction buying and selling platform, I didn’t do much to be honest with you). Even so, I sold domains like or for more than 1,000 euros each. It must also be said that it is not the rule, but rather the exception. I declined an offer of 7,500 euros for (real estate in German) which, looking back, was a serious mistake. Well, I’m going to cut here because otherwise I could write a book on the subject …:) Portugal Phone Number List

The value of domains with ” money keywords ”
It is true that the market for buying and selling domains has lost a lot. There is no longer that gold rush that we had in 2005 (which now exists more for expired domains ) because we thought that with the sale of a single domain one could become rich. In the end we go back to business as usual. This is work and like anything else you have to invest time to get an attractive return. But let’s get to the point of the question. What type of domain would you invest in today? Generic domains that include ” Money keywords ” : I ‘m not telling you anything new that it is much easier to position a website in the top 10 that contains the exact word in the URL than without it. To give you an example. “Free Hosting” is a combination that is searched more than 2,900 times a month in Spain. It is also one of those ” money keywords ” because the hosting theme can generate more than 100 dollars with each commission generated. Therefore “s” or “Taiwan Database ” can be an attractive investment. One may come to think at first that this domain only attracts people who are looking for free. The truth is that this keyword in Google Adwords currently trades at about 9 euros per click.. In addition, the domain .es, .com and even are already registered. This is usually a sure sign that the name has a value (although a priori it is only the registration cost).

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