The web will be able to carry out actions and interact

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The web will be able to carry out actions and interact

To respond to the needs of users, and will no longer be a mere store of information. Some examples of what it will bring, such as more visits The new web 4.0 is going to be a major revolution. Something that can be achieved with it is, for example, receive a taxi at the point where the user is, simply by executing the command “want to request a taxi.” The devices will be able to connect directly with the taxi service, using the geolocation of the person in question. Other examples are the alarms before the alteration of certain parameters. If an athlete suffers a rise in finnish cell phone company heart rate, his smartwatch will be able to alert the nearest medical center; Or, if a smart speaker, like Alexa, hears strange visits inside the home, it can record them or even contact the police. The possibilities are practically endless and all of them are focused on favoring the lives of users and making each of the things they have to do much easier, simpler and faster. The web 4.0 has not yet arrived and is already changing the way people use the Internet.

The future is closer than it seems and it is better to begin to familiarize yourself with all that it is about to bring. What will web 5.0 be like? Will we be prepared? Including the 4th web, we have had emotionally neutral web pages, but with the future appearance of the web 5.0 or also called “sensory web”, it will try to identify the emotions and feelings of the users, using devices that can receive and manage such information. This information seems to come out of a science fiction movie, but web 5.0 seeks to understand the user in all senses and show the information they are looking for. The first web pages adapted to the emotions of users are beginning to emerge, but there are still a few years to perfect this type of page.

Although, before all this new concept of web, we will have to go through a series of new figures, such as the marketer , before getting the idea of ​​this web 5.0. Conclusions web 4.0 Therefore, at the moment we are in a process of growth of the web 4.0, learning the language of the human being, understanding the search intention that the user wants due to their Taiwan Database tastes, their interests and previous searches on different web pages. Web 4.0 aims to understand the user and in the shortest time possible understand what they need or what they are looking for and show it to them in this way reducing the time invested.

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