There are three types of leads: Lead not qualified The lead has already interacted

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There are three types of leads: Lead not qualified The lead has already interacted

In some way with the company . You may have requested information about a product or service, downloaded some content, or subscribed to a service. However, this lead is not yet predisposed to buying, it is a cold lead . That is why the company has to carry out a work of cultivating the lead through different means to move it through the marketing funnel and see if it becomes an opportunity. This lead is in the TOFU ( Top of the Funnel ) phase . MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) or Qualified Lead for Marketing The qualified lead for marketing corresponds to users who have shown their interest in a product or service of a company on several occasions . Either because you have downloaded content from the company blog or because you have requested information  Slovenia Phone Number List  several times about the product or service that interests you. This lead seems to show signs of being able to end up buying, however it is recommended to request more information, through new forms for example, to know if they are a sales opportunity or not. This lead is in the MOFU ( Middle of the Funnel ) phase . SQL ( Sales Qualified Lead ) Qualified Lead for Sale Qualified leads for sale are known as hot leads . They are now ready to buy after having progressed through the marketing funnel, sales funnel or sales process. SQL may have requested a product demo or trial version or scheduled phone meetings with the company. This lead is in the BOFU ( Bottom of the Funnel ) phase .

lead scoring Lead qualification system For the lead scoring technique to be effective, there must be an effective lead scoring system behind it . As we have already explained, through lead scoring, a qualification or score is given to the records in the databases. Each company is free to rate its leads in the way it sees fit. Usually a certain score is assigned for specific actions . Scores can be both positive and negative depending on the action the lead has taken. For example, if the lead has downloaded an eBook from the company page, it can be given a positive score. Whereas, if you have unsubscribed from the company’s newsletter, it would be logical to give it a negative score.The sum of the scores obtained for each action will be the lead’s qualification . Examples of actions for the lead qualification system Here are examples of specific actions that can be assigned positive or negative scores in the lead rating system: You have provided your email address. You have provided your phone number. It reaches the company page as organic traffic. Visit X number of pages on the company website.

Visit the company’s website for X time. Clicks on a social media ad. You subscribe to the company newsletter. You click a CTA in a business email. A PDF is downloaded. An eBook is downloaded. Click on an ad on social networks. Cancel your subscription to the company newsletter. Do not visit product or service pages. You have not visited the company’s website for more than X time. Not all lead qualification systems work for all companies because not all companies pursue the same objectives. The scores that are assigned to the actions must be aligned with the objectives of the company. That is the best way to get an effective lead qualification   Taiwan Database  system for each company. Score matrix or scorecard Once the lead qualification system is established, it is time to assess those scores . For this it is necessary to have a scoring matrix or scorecard . For example, from what score can we consider that a lead is qualified for marketing? What score is necessary for a lead to be qualified for the sale? The scoring matrix must be established by the company itself. It is important to mark a minimum score to consider that a lead is of interest. It is the best way to know if it is worth carrying out a cultivation work through a lead nurturing strategy. It is also necessary to mark a score from which it will be considered a hot lead, ready to buy.

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