Therefore, with a corporate video

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Therefore, with a corporate video

We can: ➡️ Make your company known inside in a more creative way. ➡️ Humanize your brand. ➡️ Connect in a closer way with your audience. 2. Explanatory video To explain how one of your services or products works , the explanatory videos are quite a useful resource and easier for users to understand. Among other things, we can achieve: ➡️ Make your products or services known in a more creative way. ➡️ That the user understands, in a more visual and direct way, how your products or services work, such as, for example, a web application. ➡️ Make the presentation of your products or services more fun, instead of presenting it in a text, as is usually the most common. A good example of how to creatively make an explainer video and show that it doesn’t have to be boring is the DollarShaveClub video . 3. Video testimonial It is clear that knowing the honduras cell phone numbers experience of other users regarding a product that you are about to buy can always influence your decision, to a greater or lesser extent, but it is something that we usually take into account. If these opinions are positive, they can help us choose that product, right? Many times, the way to present these testimonials is in writing, but making it visual could give more credibility and make it even closer. So what does a testimonial video bring to our company? ➡️ Humanize testimonials by putting a face on them and leaving behind the fact that they could be false, which brings us to the next point. ➡️ Give more credibility to opinions about said product, service, brand, etc. ➡️ Provide confidence to take the step of choosing that product, service, brand, etc. ➡️ That users feel identified with what other people think. ➡️ Clear any doubts that these users may have before choosing that product or service.

4. Demonstration video Similar to the explanatory video we have the demonstration video. It is another way of telling how your services work and what you are going to achieve with them , but in a shorter and more concise way. In this way it has to be easy to understand and your products are simple to use. It is also a good idea to use them to present an offer or discount. So, we will get: ➡️ Less difficulty of attention by the user, since the video is short. ➡️ Present our services to the user in an easy and visual way. ➡️ Capture the attention of users with offers and discounts. I present a small fragment of what was a demonstrative marketing video that we created in Baética, as a result of an infographic for Aelec on smart electricity meters: demonstrative video marketing 5. Advertising video Finally we have the types of video marketing that perhaps we are most used to seeing. These are the advertising videos. With them, it is more common to promote a product or service in order to achieve sales, subscriptions, etc. That is, they are the typical television spots, but we can also distribute and share them online.

Like the rest, they do not have to be boring or monotonous, it is also an opportunity to be creative and original. Take, for example, this post from Mixed: Are there more types of Video Marketing? Of course, we could still talk about recommendation videos from another recognized brand or influencer (it could look like the testimonial video but with more Taiwan Database weight on the user), video blog or vlog, video contest, portfolio videos, etc. There is still more, but in this post we wanted to highlight the most used ones. It all depends on the focus you want to give to your video and why. Think wisely! Audiovisual content is a super useful tool that sometimes eludes us.

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