They have managed to escalate their sales closer

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They have managed to escalate their sales closer

Courses and become a closing reference. I believe that sales are essential in this world, so don’t lose sight of Alfonso and Christian. Nagore Garcia This entrepreneur recently left her job to dedicate herself to what she likes the most, communication. It has adapted very well to the digital world and points out ways. Luis Villanueva A real SEO machine. Luis is a natural generator of conversations on the net. The content that you create both for your classes and for your RRSS always gives a lot to talk about. Surely he has juicy things prepared for us for 2021, so we will be attentive. Eli Romero Eli has been another of my new discoveries in recent months. I met her through Javi Pastor, and her business project caught my attention from the first moment because it is aimed how to get an indian phone number at women entrepreneurs. In addition to having good content, it manages to convey an empathetic message with which I feel identified. Euge Oller He works hard on his personal brand and contributes a lot of valuable content in terms of entrepreneurship. It is very educational and dynamic that is why you cannot miss its Social Networks and its YouTube channel. Rafa Sospedra I met Rafa a long time ago… when he started in this addictive world of Digital Marketing. He specializes in SEO and is always up to date with all the news and trends that appear on the market. Andrea Mons UX / UI lovers , Andrea has to come to stay in your lives. As a good purebred web designer, I have to praise the brutal prototypes of web pages that she designs.

Also, if you are passionate about podcasts, it is already taking time to catch up with Andrea and Erwin Aguirre’s “Unfriends Podcast”. Fernando Cebolla Hey! that in this list we also have space for social networks. Fernando is specialized in Social Media and Brand Content. Thanks to his Instagram I follow his tips about the digital world and he also manages another personal account where he discovers another of his passions, photography. Sergio Simarro Sergio Simarro is the CRO of Webpositer, Digital Positioning Agency. I had the opportunity to take one of his Masters at the Webpositer Academy and I have to admit that Sergio’s plus is that he does everything very well, it’s that simple. Thanks to his professional career, he has been able to work with very powerful clients so he has his feet on the ground and knows what he says and how he says it. Iñaki Tovar I was lucky enough to meet Iñaki years ago in the odd congress. He has been in the advertising and marketing world for over twenty years, and is currently at the helm of Webpositer. It shows that he is passionate about his profession and thus transmits it to others.

I would define it as a generator of “good vibrations”. You cannot miss his SEOmental blog, where he not only talks about Digital Marketing but also posts a podcast on “Geek culture” that is worth listening to. Laura Ribas Laura could not be absent from this list because she is one of the greats in strategy and mindset. I suppose you already know who it is, but if not, do not hesitate to investigate it because you are going to love it. Inma Vives Inma is my countrywoman, nothing more and nothing less because we live very close. Inma’s growth in the sales sector has been impressive. I advise you to read his emails as he has an innate art when writing them. And sales is something that you are going to have to face on the road. Arturo Garcia I have told Arturo since Taiwan Database I started in this world of marketing. He was a person who inspired me from the beginning. Today I can’t get any of your emails, they are brutal! Isra Bravo Isra is a copywriter I met a little over a year ago, and he has inspired me with all his newsletters. Your way of communicating seems incredible to me, and that is why your newsletter is one of my favorites. Ruben Alonso I think there is no better presentation of Rubén than the one he makes in his networks. He is a true “buzzing blogger” of Digital Marketing and SEO.

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