This is known thanks to the UX .

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This is known thanks to the UX .

Facebook is constantly looking to improve the user experience of its interface, so it is in charge of developing a more efficient UI , easy to use, with more options at hand and that can provoke more stimuli in its users. An example of this is reactions. Previously they were limited to a “I like” or a “I do not like.” When studying, they realized that this functionality improved the user experience, so they decided to expand the number of reactions Bolivia Phone Number List on their platform. When analyzing the data, they saw, again, that this improved the UX of their UI, so they decided to add another reaction, the ” I care “. Let’s continue explaining these two concepts a little more to continue polishing your understanding of them.

Differences between UI and UX With what you have been able to read throughout the post, you should already have a good idea of ​​what the differences between UI and UX are . First of all, it must be clarified that these two terms go hand in hand, since both are very important to develop a successful, functional website and, with which, the planned objectives can be achieved. The most important difference between these two terms, which you will always have to remember and which summarizes what we have seen, is the following: ” UI is the interface or platform with which you are interacting through a screen.” ” UX is what the user who interacts with that interface or platform perceives or feels.” One is an abstract concept and the other an empirical concept, both of which are found together and, in turn, separate.

That is the most important difference, although to be more detailed, you can also consider the following: Without a screen where you can view the UI , it does not exist. The UX can improve if the UI shows fewer screens. UI exists as a visual interface while UX does not. The UI is rational and the UX is more emotional. Are these terms only used in web design? The terms UI and UX can be used in other contexts, not just for website design. They can also be used in the world of mobile applications, programs, games or any kind of element that has been designed Taiwan Database or programmed and multimedia content. As you can see, these two terms go far beyond web design and can be used to significantly improve everything that has been created or programmed in order to satisfy a need. In conclusion, good handling of UI and UX can make it easier to recognize what needs to be improved, corrected or redone when designing a website, app , any program or multimedia file. We hope we have helped you better understand the differences between UI and UX .

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