This should no longer be done like this People don’t want to

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This should no longer be done like this People don’t want to

Feel” like they’re being prospected or that sellers are desperately looking for their purchase. Therefore, it is best to align the purchase process with the buyer’s journey. Propier Case Study CTA So how to approach the buyer on the buyer’s journey? What information should you know about them? Take note of the following: Discovery stage: You need to know how buyers describe their goals and challenges, what they hope to achieve by solving their problem, what kinds of things are a priority for them.

Consideration stage What types of queries do they make on the

Internet to find solutions to their Kuwait Phone Number problems, what parameters do they use to find the advantages and disadvantages of a purchase, what means do they prefer to use to search for information. Decision stage: What does the buyer like about your offer compared to the competition, who is involved in the final purchase need, whether or not they want to have a free trial before buying, what criteria do they use to compare the value of a product? product etc inbound sales strategy Now it’s time to create a strategy that goes with the inbound sales methodology, to accompany the user to their final purchase decision.

In general terms we can take 4 phases to achieve the sale

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Identification phase connection phase exploration phase Counseling phase 1. Identification In this first part where the objectives and challenges of the potential buyer should identified. This is an essential part, as it lays all the foundations for the rest of the interactions you have in the sales process. You should bear in mind that many users have already started their buyer’s journey before interacting with any sales advisor , so the brand’s task should to resolve all their doubts and concerns.

Remember: don’t force them down the sales funnel. 2. Connection The connection phase is where the prospect is first presented with their problem or need. Sometimes he already has an idea of ​​what he wants to buy, so it will more accessible to demos. However, many times this will not the case, and you will need more information to able to make a decision. This is where —as a company that follows the inbound sales method— you must act as an advisor to the prospect, and not so much as a salesperson.

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