This trend has been growing for approximately 6 months with the launch of Instagram Shopping in Spain.

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This trend has been growing for approximately 6 months with the launch of Instagram Shopping in Spain.

From there, companies (clothing brands and retail businesses in particular) have benefited greatly. Social commerce has brought a new superpower to social networks; that of going from being a showcase, to being a direct sales medium. In Spain, the SME sector is growing, currently representing more than 80% of the country’s companies. For this sector that does not have the economic capacity or the human resources to maintain an ecommerce, social commerce presents an opportunity; is the opportunity to promote and sell your products in azerbaijan numbers digital media. Mobile optimized commerce That most people connect to the internet from their mobile devices is no surprise to anyone; However, even at this point, ending 2018, we find multiple brands that do not have their ecommerce optimized for these devices. Since 2017 it was coming and finally in 2018 Google implemented the mobile first policy; This policy indicates that Google will better index pages optimized for mobile.

And from here on it is a matter of logic and strategy: Google is the main search engine, people look for what you offer through the internet and you will not appear in the list of options unless your website adapts to small screens . Seen like this, that mobile commerce is a digital marketing trend for 2019 is no surprise. One of the biggest stigmas with respect to this trend is the fear of users to the quick purchases that are given by this type of technology. However, a study has shown that by 2018 86% of young Spaniards are using their mobile phones to make payments. So if you have an ecommerce and you hid behind this excuse not to optimize it, you are already late! Native Marketing By this point we are all fed up with invasive advertising; That ad that jumps out when we are reading news, playing games, watching a video and interrupts us no longer catches our attention and if it does, it is negatively.

And it is like when they are talking to someone and suddenly another person comes and interrupts, it is supremely uncomfortable. This point is then one of the marketing trends that was created for more or less two years but has not stopped as well as the dislike for disruptive marketing has not gone away. Native marketing is one that does not interrupt but rather blends in with the content that the user wants; this makes it immensely more relevant Taiwan Database and desirable. It should be noted that to achieve effective native marketing, it must also be worked as contextual marketing (which we talked about earlier). If the content of the ad is relevant but the way to present it is not, it does not work; An ad that mixes with the content but has no relevance to the user will not work either.

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