Three types of neuromarketing Auditory neuromarketing Based on everything we hear,

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Three types of neuromarketing Auditory neuromarketing Based on everything we hear,

Neuromarketing studies our brain’s reaction to auditory stimuli. It is scientifically proven that our sense of hearing has memory, stores information and reacts to a musical stimulus that we had previously heard. Our hearing ability allows us to recognize the melody of a television series just by listening to the first note of the song. For this reason, companies use this category to position their brand in the mind of the consumer through the music that characterizes them. This type of neuromarketing constantly surrounds us. Every time we go to the supermarket, hotel or clothing stores, we can hear the different melodies that companies use to represent armenia phone number their brand through sound. Visual neuromarketing This type of neuromarketing manages to capture the consumer’s attention through a visual impact . This studies how the view captures everything around it. Visual neuromarketing is the most used of the three, because the images reach our brain much faster, thereby facilitating the message to be transmitted successfully. Companies carry it out, for example, with keywords such as “sales” or “offers”, putting up price reduction posters, using numbers ending in 0.95 or 0.99, with this the consumer perceives that this item is cheaper. But that’s not all, within this type of neuromarketing we cannot forget about colors, how important it is to know the meaning that each one of them has and what it helps us convey to the target audience. Kinesthetic neuromarketing Not just an ad campaign is successful through hatred or vision. On many other occasions, the rest of the senses become important.

Smell, touch and taste are the center of study for this third type of neuromarketing. Every product that we smell, touch or taste is designed to captivate the consumer, trying to awaken emotions in them that will make the product or service finally end up in their homes. The tasting of a new coffee or the characteristic smell of a clothing store are examples of this type of communication that will determine a good positioning of the brand in the minds of consumers. Neuromarketing can give us an improvement in the positioning of the brand and know – and enhance – the loyalty of our clients in relation to our product or service. Therefore, companies must take care of their slogans, logos or other element of marketing to achieve a positive connection with the brains of users. types of neuromarketing Techniques There are different techniques within neuromarketing, with which we can study the brain and observe the impulses of users before an advertisement, product or service: Eye-tracking: It consists of studying where the customer’s eyes are directed through special glasses, to know precisely where they are looking (during an advertisement, visiting a website or in a store) and how much time they spend on it. Facial expression analysis: It allows to recognize and interpret the emotions that are transmitted through facial gestures during the user’s experience with a service or product.

Electroencephalogram: Star tool of neuroscience. It is a helmet that allows you to know when the consumer’s brain responds to a stimulus while they are viewing a campaign, advertisement or taking a look at a website. Taking into account that not all companies can afford these techniques, we recommend that you keep up to date with neuroscientific research and be inspired by some success stories. Main advantages of neuromarketing in advertising It manages to merge and optimize advertising resources to understand the relationship between consumer behavior and their brain. Neuromarketing achieves a more accurate evaluation of the feelings and thoughts of the target audience consciously and unconsciously. Optimization of the customer Taiwan Database experience . Improve the reach, retention and processing of our message. It gives companies the confidence in creating products or services that will meet consumer needs successfully, without having to experiment with “trial and error.” Identify which is the ideal strategy to create models and designs of advertising campaigns. types of neuromarketing The use of neuromarketing does not mean the imminent success of a marketing or advertising campaign, but what is clear is that we are currently facing more demanding customers who are reluctant to traditional marketing. If you are interested in other forms of digital marketing that are the order of the day, we recommend that you keep up to date with our blog, with a post such as: 5 marketing strategies that companies use .

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