To do? Review and update the meta descriptions on all the important pages of your website.

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To do? Review and update the meta descriptions on all the important pages of your website.

Write an attractive description of about 320 characters that contains the main keyword once or twice. RESPONSIVE DESIGN 88% of those who surf the internet currently do so from their mobile. This was one of the results that was found in a study published in; Thus, if you want to position your website you must use responsive design if you have not already done so. Talking about a responsive web design is not the same as talking about an adaptive one. Adaptive design refers to a site that appears the same on computer and mobile, only the size changes; a responsive design changes its layout and in some cases its content to improve the mobile australia phone number browsing experience. Since mid-2018, Google made its mobile first policy official; This means that to position in Google (on all devices) you need to optimize the mobile version of the site. Having a responsive design is one of the vital issues for a basic SEO ; not having it could tell you a lot of clicks and customers. In addition to the advantages in search engine optimization, responsive web design helps to create a positive user experience. This plays an important role in converting visitors into leads and customers, so its value goes beyond SEO. The Google Mobile Optimization Test is a good place to start analyzing your website, but it is not definitive. The best proof is that of the users themselves.

To do this, Google Analytics is a great tool that provides data on how mobile users interact with content. For example, a high bounce rate from mobile visitors would indicate a negative experience; this can happen even if the optimization test was positive. If this happens, evaluate the pages to try to determine the cause and correct it. To do? Evaluate the responsiveness for users with mobile devices on the most important pages of your website. For this you can use tools like Think with Google or Google Analytics; however, it is also recommended that you do your own tests by navigating them manually from different devices. seo basics INTERNAL LINKS As with external links, as the content of the web changes, it is necessary to update the internal linking. Deleting and modifying pages on a website can result in internal links pointing to non-existent or irrelevant pages. This can cause problems for search engines and visitors. Luckily, this problem has a fairly easy solution. Both search engines and visitors expect links to point to a relevant page directly, without multiple steps. To do? Check your website’s internal links to make sure they all go to a relevant destination in one step. PAGE SPEED The most common basic SEO mistake on websites is having a very high load time; this is especially noticeable on mobile devices and that’s a big problem.

Loading speed is a very important factor that Google takes into account for search engine positioning ; but also, a loading time greater than 3s is a bad user experience. Always think how long are you willing to wait for a website to open? The truth is that not much, and he always thinks that what the user likes, Google likes; what the user doesn’t like, Google doesn’t like. Instead of hiring a web designer or developer to properly and efficiently code the function they need, many web page owners install a large number of plugins to their WordPress theme Taiwan Database or other platform to achieve their end goal. This is very negative as the JavaScript files loaded by plugins add unnecessary HTTP requests, even several per plugin. The more HTTP requests, the slower the website will load. It’s best to start with a WordPress theme or other platform with a clean foundation and then add the necessary functionality and layout while prioritizing page load speed. To do? Reduce HTTP requests, merge CSS and JavaaScript files, optimize media files, and use caching. Optimizing page speed can be tricky, you will have to experiment to get it right because some of the tactics can “break” your website. Chema Carratalá Tormo

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