To give you an example and understand it better.

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To give you an example and understand it better.

If a competitor’s website is having very increasing traffic and visibility, it is convenient to analyze their blog, the most recent links detected and their social channels to be able to see what strategies or tactics are generating these results.. In many cases, being able to provide information on the marketing and communication effort behind the link profile, mixed with notable competitiveness. With this, it can be achieved that said client takes seriously the work in link building, link baiting and content generation or creation. K eywords ranking : This ranking allows defining a relationship between the traffic that a website receives and its position in the main terms considered in the strategy . Positively, there is a definite correlation between the SEO traffic cell phone provider lookup canada received and the average position within the ranking. Over time, this correlation has lost its importance and no longer shines as brightly as before. This is because personalized searches, the influence of social networks, search history , etc., have caused that harmony to be lost. Even in mature accounts, it may be advisable not to pay attention to the keywordsnor to the ranking. Generally, it should be noted that, the lower the knowledge of the client in question, the more importance will be given to the rankings and the greater emphasis will have to be placed on them within the SEO report. Indicating current and last month’s positions along with the variation is a very positive idea and you should have it as a basic rule . There are hundreds of tools that allow a ranking measurement and make your work much easier. The two that usually give the best results are Seranking and Authority Labs .

On the other hand, if you decide to do the work manually, remember to always try to do it in an incognito session and without having entered or logged into any Google service. Link building work: It should be noted that not all SEO campaigns have link bluilding work. If they do, it is highly recommended that the SEO report include a description of the work carried out. It should be taken into account that this is a part of the work that the client is not observing and in many cases, the job description and knowing what is being done, is all that the client needs. You could show him some general link building guidelines (content creation and viralization, examples of results, etc.) or also a list of link building efforts. If you prefer the second option, it is important that you include, even if little by little, the following information: + Link to the page where the link is located. Way of obtaining the link. To which page the link links. On the other hand, apart from these aspects (depending on the degree of knowledge of the client) you can include more information, although in most of the times this would saturate the client: Indication of whether the link is Follow or No. Explanation of the Anchor Text of the link. Indication of the authority of the page. Typology of the page. Theme of the page. TLD of the domain . Explanation of what is displayed: All SEO results generated by the report are important.

Most will be accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of SEO and analytics. However, what really gives the report weight and value is the explanation behind it . If you are not going to present the report and SEO results personally, it is vital that the document contains a clear explanation of: What is being shown and being seen at all times? What is the source of the data; what metric is being analyzed? The meaning of the data provided: is it good or bad? Why is it? What has been done to make it so? Etc. If it goes wrong, how can I change them? Or if it goes well, how do you maintain them? What will be done later? Conclution The value of someone Taiwan Database like the SEO expert is not just indicating the current state of a web page in a simple and understandable way. You must also know how to guide through the SEO report and advise the people you are working with so that they understand and adopt the vision of the SEO expert. Thanks to this, they will be actively involved in the positioning of the web and in the SEO results that are generated.

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