Tools to schedule tweets on Twitter

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Tools to schedule tweets on Twitter

If you dedicate yourself to the world of social networks you will know that although we try to publish any update on our work often, there will be times when we will not be able to have our computer or mobile device at hand, so the tweet that should be published is not we will be able to put. For these occasions and, in case of having to carry more than one Twitter account, it is best to have some type of tool that facilitates our work. The tools for scheduling tweets on Twitter are very useful since they will not only save us time but also make our work easier immediately. Before scheduling tweets Currently, due to the increase in the market and the use of social networks   Ivory-Coast Phone Number List  , there are many tools to schedule tweets on Twitter, but not all of them allow us to do it in the same way. Only with some tools we can publish a tweet a day, at a specific time and with an added image. Before choosing one of the tools for tweets programs, we must be clear about some aspects, such as: How often you want to update. The number of clients you work with and whom you manage on social media. The publication strategy that you are going to carry out. The number of tweets or tweets with images that you want to publish. What will be your priority when scheduling tweets. Now, take note of the following tools that allow you to do this type of work. The best tools to schedule tweets on Twitter Hootsuite The first of the tools that we show you is Hootsuite , which is extremely well known and provides us with multiple options. It is divided into columns and tabs that you can choose as you like.

Hootsuite allows us to upload a file in which we include a list of tweets in what they call batch upload. To be able to do it this way, we must put the tweets that we want to program in a file to upload later. The only downside of Hootsuite is that the images will have to be uploaded one by one individually in each scheduled tweet. It has three completely different types of plans that will allow you to schedule your publications to your liking. Also, some of these plans have a 30-day free trial. Tools for scheduling tweets on Twitter 1 TweetDeck Tweetdeck is a completely free tweet scheduling tool that will allow us, as in Hootsuite, to divide our desktop into different columns based on our preferences. With this tool, tweets are programmed manually, one by one, since it does not allow us to upload a file with all the tweets that we want to program. Tools to schedule tweets on Twitter 2 Buffer With Buffer you can quickly and easily organize the Twitter posts that you want to be published automatically according to the publication schedule you have previously chosen. One of the main characteristics of Buffer is that you choose the publication times in advance, then organize the tweets that are going to be published (which will be queued). Thus, its operation is simple: you will only have to set the publication time (choosing the date and time) and then add the publications to the Buffer queue.

This operation can be done manually, although it also gives the option of uploading a file with all your scheduled tweets. It has a free version with which you can program 10 tweets, a paid pro version that increases the number of tweets published to 100 and, finally, Premium version, with 2.00 tweets to program. Tools to schedule tweets on Twitter 3 is a practically new tweeting tool since it hasn’t been around for many years. It is very much in the style of Buffer since it has a very simple interface to use that facilitates the publication of different content for each social network that we have. In the case of Twitter, we can program each of the tweets that we want to publish quickly and easily. It has four payment plans ranging from $ 7 to $ 29. Tools to schedule tweets on Twitter_ Postcron And finally we talk about Postcron , for us one  Taiwan Database  of the best tools for scheduling tweets that currently exists on the market. With Postcron we can publish our tweets in two ways: manually or through a previously created file in which we can not only put the title of the post but also allow us to choose the day, time, link and even gives us the possibility of attaching the url of the image that accompanies the text. For this reason we tell you that it is one of the most complete tools. Postcron has four paid versions with which we can manage from 8 to 100 social media accounts.

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