Top +15 of the Most Famous Comics in History

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Top +15 of the Most Famous Comics in History

One of the most incredible artistic expressions is the comic. First, because of the ease of arrival that it has in people; second, for the creativity that it presents through the images; and third, by the fact that it continues to be distributed successfully to this day. Are you starting to read comics and want to know more about this world of stories? Today is your lucky day! We present our top of the most famous comics in history, which every fan has to know. According to Best Life , due to the boom in recent years, there has been an increase in the sphere of comics. Here we explain how the most famous comics of all time are positioned. Ready? Let’s start! Alba Lez Comic Fonts Alba Lez Comic Fonts The illustrator Alba Lez shares with us a pack of Fonts for comics. Download it for free.

Download 1. Micky Maus Micky Maus is the most famous comic of all time and first appeared in 1943. This famous comic told the stories of the favorite Disney character – Micky Maus; later Mickey Mouse . He always appeared with his friends Minnie, Goofy, among others. From 1930 to 1975 it was drawn by Floyd Gottfredson and from 1950 to 1984 by Paul Murry. It had one billion copies sold worldwide. What madness! Famous comic by Micky Italy Phone Number Source: Micky Maus 2. The Beano This famous British comic appeared for the first time in 1938. It was distributed weekly and was usually sent by sea mail. Among his characters, Dennis and Minnie stood out. In their various stories it was common and particularly magnificent that they touch on topics such as bullying, theft, etc.

Classics Illustrated or Classic Comics

It has one billion sales to date. Famous Beano Comic Source: Beano 3. Classics Illustrated or Classic Comics One of the most famous comics of all time was Classics Illustrated or Classic Comics, which was released in 1941. It was a series of adaptation comics, since its stories were based on literary works such as Frankenstein, Hamlet, Don Quixote of the Stain, Macbeth, among many more. Truly a very creative way to bring literature to others through classic and simple entertainment! It had one billion sales to date. Famous comic from Classic Comics Source: Classic Comics 4.Superman This famous fictional hero continues to play vigorously to this day. It first appeared in 1938 and became one of the first definitions of “superhero”.

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This famous comic tells the story of Superman and his confrontations in multiple dangerous situations. After his release, the character has been brought into various adaptations. It has 600 million sales worldwide. Famous Superman comic Source: Superman 5.Batman Batman is one of the most famous superhero comic series of all time. It has sold 460 million copies to date. The character first appeared in the 1939 Detective comics series and quickly became so popular that by 1940 he had his own comic strip. It sold mostly on a monthly basis, continuing its success to this day. Also, the character has several films such as Batman (1989) and a series Batman and Robin (1949) . famous batman comic Source: Batman 6.One Piece One Piece is the most purchased manga in the world. This famous Japanese cartoon began its publication in 1997.

Asterix the Gaul

It tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy who seeks to become the king of pirates through the one piece treasure hunt.
Therefore, has 440 million sales to date. In addition, it has an anime series that is mainly transmitted by Netflix. Famous One Piece comic Source: One Piece Don’t know what manga is? Lea Caballero, teacher of the manga-style character illustration online course , explains it easily! 7. Spider-Man Spider-Man or Spider-Man, is a character first revealed in 1962 in Marvel Comics. This series of superhero comics is one of the most famous and has had the most impact on the various platforms. This tells the story of Peter Parker who is also Spider-Man, a superhero who concurrently faces various villains. It has to date more than 360 million copies sold. Therefore,man famous comic Source: Spider-Man 8. Asterix the Gaul Asterix the Gaul is the most famous French comic.

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