Tourist advertising Youtube YoutubeWhat I like about this platform

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Tourist advertising Youtube YoutubeWhat I like about this platform

For the tourism area is that you can transmit emotion, humanize your brand and help identify the tourist with their destination. The cost is minimal compared to the reward. According to a study by Ipsos MediaCT , 89% of leisure travelers and 93% of business travelers watch online videos. But what to post? I’m going to give you some ideas: Satisfied customer reviews . Show the facilities of the hotel or tourist complex, since in tourism there is a rule: he who does not show does not sell or fall in love Answer the questions and doubts of the users. Information of value . You can also ally yourself with public figures through a win-win relationship (we’ll see this now). My final recommendation is that you unleash your imagination, there is a lot of competition in the tourism indian phone number example sector and that is why you have to distinguish yourself so that they prefer you. video-marketing 2. Automate your digital project lead magnetAutomating tourism marketing plans, sales strategies and tasks is not an overnight decision. The intention is to feed prospects, personalize strategies, and turn strangers into customers.

All these strangers have to go through different stages of the sales funnel to become customers. Here I detail more about this process: Sales funnels . sales funnel With this system you know everything about your users. Once they have left you their data, you can have all the information you want about them, it can even give you clues to get them closed. For this reason, automating your business helps you save time since it allows you to respond according to the profile of the visitor and segment the actions by types of audiences. It also allows industry personnel to learn more about the buyer persona and the customer journey, and thus attract potential customers or manage content and communications. Some tools that can help you are: Creator studio to automate your social networks. Activate Campaign to automate your email marketing. Hubspot for inbound marketing. And many others that you will need depending on the area to be automated. digital marketing 3. Marketing strategies with influencers influencer marketingPersonal recommendations are a very effective method, and influencers are the order of the day.

And I’m going to give you reasons: Your reviews translate into sales It is not outright advertising, but rather conveys the experiences of real people. The contents generate high levels of engagement. An example of a successful campaign was that of Curaçao and New York State’s Travel. Curaçao Island located in the Caribbean Sea is easily accessible from New York’s JFK Airport. To promote the destination among New York travelers, the tourism board teamed up with a group of influencers from the city, who developed a social media campaign Taiwan Database that mobilized 10 million New Yorkers. Almost nothing. Another example can be #VisitFormentera, a campaign that has been carried out post-covid so that they are not afraid of going down to this incredible island. (How I want to travel right now thinking about these paradisiacal islands) 4. Advertising campaigns The task of disseminating the products and services of the tourism sector seems like a complicated mission for many companies. But the first thing you should do before starting the advertising campaigns is to define the basic points: The objectives and audience segmentation.

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