Training in summer, an alternative supported by 67% of Spaniards

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Training in summer, an alternative supported by 67% of Spaniards

You have finally finished designing your blog and have already begun to insert content. At this point, ask yourself if you have created this portal for the Kazakhstan Mobile Database love of art or if you really want to take advantage of it. If you have chosen the second option, it is time to insert advertising, but first, make sure you do not make the typical beginner mistakes.

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Insert interstitial ads . They are those in full screen that must be closed to access the content, which is loading in the background. These types of ads can annoy the Internet user so much that they end up leaving your blog. Better, bet on those who are located on the right side. Invasive ads . In addition to being a hindrance to the visitor, filling your blog with ads will cause Google to penalize it. The ideal number of ads per page is five.

Design “like crazy”. Advertising messages must be organized and not scattered around the screen haphazardly. Think that this will make it difficult for the Brother Cell Phone List user to read the content. Do not adapt the ads for mobile devices . Habits are changing and more and more users access from their smartphones. The 350x 50px format is perfect for these devices. Include ads unrelated to the theme of the blog . Advertising is important to monetize your blog, but it must always be consistent with its theme.

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