Trinity method for conversion optimization (CRO) Profile photo of Rocío González

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Trinity method for conversion optimization (CRO) Profile photo of Rocío González

Today we want to talk to you about a method applied to the CRO of your business. What method are we talking about? It’s about the Trinity Method , but wait, in case you’ve gotten lost before then… What’s this CRO thing about and why is it important to my business? Let’s see it right now 😉 What is the CRO? To begin with, CRO stands for “Conversion Rate Optimization”, that is, conversion rate optimization. (You already know where the shots go, right?). Well, more specifically, the CRO is a process through which it is intended to achieve a better performance of the website with respect to its conversion rate . As we have already commented several greece phone times on our blog, it is of little use to attract traffic to our website if this is not the target audience . Why? Because it will not perform the action we want it to do and, therefore, there will not be this conversion that we talked about before. Not to mention that it can produce a high bounce rate, something that negatively influences the SEO of our website . Why am I not getting a good conversion? If you have a lot of traffic on your website but very few people download a product that you are promoting, it could be because: The keyword is not the correct one and, therefore, most of that traffic reaches your website in the wrong way. The layout of your website is not optimized for a good user experience.

They get lost, your website is not secure, it does not give them confidence and they take a few seconds to leave. The user does not find the call to action easily and simply. Your website does not have good usability , it takes time to load, you do not have the best design and it may not be accessible to everyone. Or in another case , your website may even be working but you want to increase the conversion rate. Etc. There can be many reasons why your website is not having a good conversion or not enough that you want (whatever your conversion is). It is then that the CRO would come into action to analyze all these options and optimize the conversion ratio. Okay, but what then does the Trinity Method have to do with all this? We continue! What is the Trinity Method? This method was created by Mr. Bryan Eisenberg , a well-known writer and speaker at The News York Times, and is a way of doing this CRO using three variables: trinity method Relevance Are you relevant to the user’s needs? It is clear that the user has a need when they come to our content, seek a solution to their problem or satisfy in some way some aspect in which they are interested.

Therefore, our site should be as relevant as possible to him. Value Do you let the user know why you are the most suitable solution? When he is viewing our content, not only does it have to seem relevant to him, but it has to seem to him that we are providing him with a certain value, something that can serve him as a decision to purchase, subscribe, download or whatever our target conversion is. . CTA Does the user know what action to take? Is that action Taiwan Database reliable for him? It is important for the user to know what action they have to take in order to move forward in the process, to know what they are going to get in exchange for doing it and to be aware that they can do it without any problem and with total confidence. Example of the Trinity Method for CRO We are going to apply an example of the Trinity Method on the snippets of the first Google ads using the keyword “second hand cars”.

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