Update, or create, your company’s Google My Business page

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Update, or create, your company’s Google My Business page

Include the name of the city throughout of all content • Achieve a quantity and quality of relevant reviews seo trends Machines have come to stay: discover BERT For years, Google has been using learning algorithms to improve users’ search experience and help avoid web pages filled with meaningless keywords. Today the algorithmic capacity of Google has multiplied thanks to the interpretation of more than 30% of searches through the use of artificial intelligence. In 2020, this will be more important than ever thanks to the new argentina mobile number algorithm that Google has implemented: BERT. So far, Google has used 3 mechanisms: • Neural Matching: this algorithm is in charge of discovering the meaning of the queries made by users • RankBrain: this artificial intelligence system, of machine learning, is in charge of processing search results and interpreting user behavior • BERT: this system is the most recent. This algorithm is used to analyze the structure of a search, better understand the context in which the keywords are used and offer more consistent results to the user As for neural matching, there is not much we can do, BERT requires good content . Instead, RankBrain really needs to be taken into account as now, and increasingly, matching intentions is paramount to creating successful content.

SEO trends 2020 Safety becomes more important thanks to EAT During 2020 Google will continue to analyze the overall reputation and EAT (experience, authority and trustworthiness) of a given company and the people who publish content on their behalf. Businesses struggling with a bad reputation, different customer service issues, and other trust issues will have a harder time competing in the SERP. Starting next year, the search engine will penalize: • Negative comments about the brand • Technical and security problems of the website With this algorithm, which emerged in 2018, Google wants to warn companies and all content creators that it will value the following: • If the website is of quality and offers sufficient confidence to the user • If the content creator is an expert in their field In this way, EAT is a great clue to correctly focus our content and SEO strategy .

Do you want to know what you can do to demonstrate the reliability of your online business site? From Esparta Digital we give you a series of recommendations: • Offer more facilities to customers than the companies of your competition • Offer an immediate and efficient customer service • Periodically update the content of the site • Link the content to authorized sources, statistics, data or news • Earn links or mentions in authority sites • Include the author’s biography, their credentials and a link to their social networks or professional profile seo trends We Taiwan Database hope it has been relevant for you to know some of the SEO trends for this coming 2020. Remember that as a digital marketing agency Valencia we can help you to organically position the content of your website. Contact us to find out about all the digital marketing services that we can offer you. Julian Boix Romero

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