Valencia will be the design capital of the world in 2022

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Valencia will be the design capital of the world in 2022

The committee of the World Design Organization decided, on September 9, to nominate Valencia as the world capital of design in 2022 for its precision, rigor and professionalism . In the fight he managed to unseat his opponent Bangalore, a city located in India. In this way, Valencia joins Helsinki, Mexico City or Seoul, among others, as world capitals of design. The jury of this private entity is made up of designers, architects, interior designers and businessmen from various countries. These certify the professional level necessary to endow this title denmark cell phone with the prestige it deserves. Spain thus gets its first title in this sector thanks to Valencia, showing that in this land there are true professionals in design , architecture and graphic illustration . For this reason, all professionals will work hard during these three years to recognize the prestige, both nationally and internationally, that they deserve. Valencia Captiañ European Design Poster Advantages of being the design capital of the world Becoming the design capital of the world aims to guide the chosen city towards a program of creative activities.

Those are generally focused on defending design as a key tool and being able to improve communication and business products. Here are some benefits of getting this award: 1. It is an opportunity for many designers to show their talent. 2. It strengthens the idea that both the city and the business sector value design at all levels . 3. New job opportunities will open up by getting in touch with other international designers. What does it mean for the city to be the design capital of the world? The official slogan of the Valencia campaign was’ The Mediterranean design of Valencia. Design for change, design for the senses ‘. The promoters want to impregnate the entire Valencian Community with design so that society can discover that creative activity is present in almost every important moment in life. The programming of the Valencian capital will be completely modified for this year with innovative proposals and events , in addition to attracting a large influx of foreign public interested in current design trends .

The city of Turia has already started working on a project with exhibitions and conferences to include creativity in parties and sports . There will be many companies and public institutions, both from Valencia and Castellón and Alicante, which will finance the proposed activities. All kinds of industrial and space design ideas will be covered, as well as architecture or service design topics. In this way, in 2022 everything will be prepared for the meeting that will take place between professionals and citizens, with workshops, talks and exhibitions, among Taiwan Database other objectives. In Valencia there have never been a lack of reasons for many tourists and professionals from different companies to visit the province and be recognized as an elegant city full of culture. But now that the Valencian capital has been named the world capital of design in 2022 , it is an opportunity to continue building new projects and show that Valencia is an innovative land full of business creativity .

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