Very well, having said this, you must have the SEO

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Very well, having said this, you must have the SEO

By Yoast plugin activated and configured on your WordPress website or blog . This plugin will inform you in real time, in an automated and highly visual way, if the article you are developing is optimized for SEO or not. This same tool even proposes optimization improvements to be carried out and thus have a better work result. SEO by Yoast also offers Snippet preview functionality for both Smartphones and desktop . This is basically a kind of simulation chinese mobile phone number of how your post will end up seeing in the SERPs in both presentations or platforms. In the past, Snippet optimization was complicated and tedious, since everything had to be done manually and very few managed to have the patience for it. But now, to make the task easier, we have content managers like the one we have already mentioned. Thanks to this manager, this task is very easy and simple to do .

We just have to write in the writing fields that appear on the website and, automatically, this manager will indicate if everything is being optimized correctly. In the case of the title or description (two very important factors) SEO by Yoast will automatically count the characters that you are including in these fields. Remember, that to have a good title and meta description, it is necessary that certain parameters are met . In the same way, it will be indicated by a color bar, if your work is well done. There can be three cases, that the bar is shown in green, orange or red. If we see the red bar, it means that your optimization work is wrong. On the other hand, if it shows an orange color, it means that it is acceptable. Finally, if you see a green color, this indicates that your work is excellent and your Snippet is Optimized.

In the same way, you can enter the keywords of your article or keywords , and the manager will automatically count those keywords. This part is important, as it will tell you if you mention them the right amount of times for good SEO . In short, it can be said that talking a little about the topic of Snippet can be a bit confusing, but, thanks Taiwan Database to the existence of the managers and with good use of them, Snippet Optimization became very simple and even nice to do. Finally, I recommend you read our entry on the Featured Snippet , to have a global vision of this term.

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