Video tutorials on brushing techniques or other tips

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Video tutorials on brushing techniques or other tips

Successful cases. Free consultations. With these simple actions you will be able to attract and retain customers. Furthermore, its effectiveness is based on the principle of reciprocity. Giving away value for free leaves people feeling like they return the favor. Take note! dental marketing 3. Use email marketing for dental clinics email marketingOne of the most profitable ways to promote the services of a dental clinic is with email marketing, since it allows you to contact people who are already interested in the services (as long as the database is qualified). What’s more, according to Hubspot, 99% of consumers check their email daily and 59% say that emails how to get mobile number by name in india influence purchasing decisions. Therefore, believe it or not, email marketing is still a very effective technique to build trust and attract patients to the clinic. Also, if we have a landing page, a powerful email marketing strategy and well-developed advertising (come on, a well-connected sales funnel ), we can achieve very good results and a high return on investment. To personalize communication, segment your patients according to age, treatment, pathology, province, among others. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE FOR FREE! Can’t sell through your website? 12 actions to save, scale and automate the income of your digital business I want the guide ebook blog 4. Invest in advertising for your dental clinic branding brandAds on social networks or Google can be very profitable for a dental marketing strategy if they go hand in hand with quality content and a good professional behind it.

If you are looking for professionals for the marketing and design of your clinic, I put my team at your full disposal to help you in attracting patients: Click here to fill out the form . I’m going to tell you about the channels that could be useful to you: Facebook, Instagram and Google. Facebook and Instagram Ads Thanks to this alternative, you can show ads on networks to people who interest you according to their behavior or search history. But as I always say, the “promote post” button is the biggest slot machine out there. We must go further. Define your advertising objectives, segment your audience, determine the tasks that users must fulfill (request an appointment, purchase a product online or whatever is being pursued). The more detailed the process, the better results you will get. Another important aspect is to determine the budget that you are going to invest month by month and the time you want to have this campaign running. Depending on this, the costs of a professional will vary, but the price of a trafficker usually ranges from € 400 / month to € 3,000 / month, as required by the campaign. facebook ads for dentists We must also design the videos, images and texts of the advertisements. With regard to this last aspect, it is important that you focus on the benefits that the person will obtain, leaving behind the sale of services. And above all, when the campaigns are active we must have an analytical mind to be able to optimize them. All in order to attract the right visitors so that they end up being customers.

Google Ads When you bet on this option, when potential customers do a search on Google you will appear in the first options with the title of “Ad”. In this way, the possibility of getting clicks and impressions increases, which translates into customer acquisition and visualization above the competition. advertising in google ads The only downside to this is the cost, as the budget is usually consumed earlier this way than in a Facebook and Instagram Ads strategy. An extra task that we must include in this option is the subject of the keywords or keywords of the ads. Depending on the service that we are going to offer, they will be one or the other, so we will adapt each ad to the user’s search intention. In addition, both inAds and Google Taiwan Database Ads we must geolocate so that the ads only appear in the town where our clinic is located. In addition, if we include the extensions we can add additional information such as the location linked to Google My Business or the phone for the direct call). Some of the advantages of your dental clinic appearing in Google Ads are … Speed , since the advertising will direct traffic to the dental clinic website and in just minutes you will occupy the top positions of Google. Flexibility , since it allows adapting and optimizing dental advertising according to the objectives. You have the option to only pay for the clicks the ad receives (CPC). Security , since the campaigns will only be visible to those interested in the services. Still, it is not something cheap. 5. Create an automated sales funnel sales funnelThis method is designed to convert visitors into end customers as you will see in the following image.

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