Videos as key pieces of your marketing strategy

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Videos as key pieces of your marketing strategy

What else should you include in your marketing and communication strategy to stay up-to-date, impress your community, and get them to follow and buy from you? Without a doubt, you have to go one step further, you cannot do without videos . In the 21st century, when we digitize everything, in which we tell what we do in every moment of our life by recording a video with our mobile phone and uploading it to the networks instantly (see the stories of Instagram indian phone number details with name or Facebook), your brand You cannot not have corporate or experience videos. Why the explosion of videos in marketing and communication? Videos have become a key piece at the communicational level. We are all very saturated with information, we receive hundreds of visual inputs per minute through different channels and supports: emails, advertisements, banners, videos …

through our email account, blogs, social networks, websites, and it is really unfeasible that we can read everything and also, with great attention to understand and integrate what we are receiving. Hence, video is now in full boom and it is a very friendly format that requires little effort to be consumed, thus reaching more audiences and allowing them to see the full content. In addition, another of the particularity of the video that makes it essential now as a consequence of the generation of excess content is that the video is related to something easy but also, of leisure (even if we are watching a conference on a professional matter or a tutorial ). So we are more open to seeing and hearing them. We unconsciously feel that we are going to “entertain” or relax when watching a video and that encourages us to do so more because we know in advance that it does not require as much absolute attention as reading content. Hence, more and more brands bet and include videos in their strategies to meet different objectives of positioning, visibility, connecting with the community and of course, selling.

Yes or no to videos in your marketing strategy By now, as we always remember and emphasize, you have already developed your marketing and communication strategy and you will be implementing it day by day. What have or have you included in it? What media are you going to use to accommodate your content and get it to reach your audience? Who is your buyer persona? This, which should be absolutely clear by now, will give you the keys to determine whether or not you have to include video in your marketing and communication strategy and if so, in what way, in what context, what type of video … With which you can go one step further and Taiwan Database establish the video calendar, the budget that you must allocate for it, etc. We could generalize a lot and say always YES to videos if we are talking about a brand. That any product or service is capable of making video but then we have stopped to think to know if it really is like that or if we are exceeding to say: all brands need or can benefit from videos.

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