We are going to see below some of the aspects to take into account

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We are going to see below some of the aspects to take into account

Before entering the lead nurturing process: Define buyer persona : We already talked in another post about what buyer persona are and how to define them. In this case we have to define who our buyer persona will be during the process. Depending on the project that we are going to develop, we will have to choose a buyer person or another of all those that we have created, since they must be a representation of our future client. The more buyer persona we have defined, the better we can define our leads. Qualify Leads : Not all the   Nigeria Phone Number List   leads we obtain are appropriate, that is why it is very important to know how to classify them and only use our resources on those that we believe can become end customers. In order to carry out this selection process, it is necessary to establish some strategic fields in your form. Those fields could be: how many people work in the company, geographical location, position of the contact in your company, the url of the website and the contact form. Personalized content and email : Personalized content is always a plus during the communication process with the client. Thus, making a personalized mailing with adequate segmentation will ensure that our message is delivered correctly to those people who are supposed to be interested in our products.

Appropriate strategy for each stage : When we set out to create a lead nurturing process we must bear in mind that it is a personalized process, tailored to the client, segmented and in which each stage of the process must be considered. lead as well as the characteristics of the buyer persona that we had previously defined. Adequate monitoring : It is important to have platforms that allow us to adequately monitor each of the lead nurturing stages in order to be attentive to opportunities or changes that arise during the process. Evaluate results : As we obtain information, it is important to measure data to optimize and evaluate the results. We will have to measure conversion times, calculate the percentages of leads that become customers throughout the month or see how long it takes for a lead to become a customer. Lead Nurturing Process Every lead nurturing process must follow a series of steps to be as successful as possible. Next we will see what steps must be followed to achieve it. Lead capture : In a first contact with the user we will have to ask him for some basic information, not too much so that he does not leave the form. The less data we ask for, the more possibilities that the form will finish. If you fill in the first data, we will have to progressively request the others until your profile is completed.

We will do this through emails and other forms of company communication. Lead segmentation : One of the main objectives of sending emails during the lead nurturing process is to obtain enough information and data to know if that lead can become a future customer, that is, if that contact is qualified or not. When we have already achieved that goal, we will have to get the lead to know and become familiar with the company. For this, it will be necessary to create chains of emails that meet this objective by offering quality content and services that attract the attention of each lead. This content will have to be relevant and adapted to the preferences of the client so   Taiwan Database  that he shows the necessary interest and at the end of the process he knows the company. Lead maturation : Now that we have caught your attention, we have your data and you know the company, it is time to try to get it to enter a purchasing process so that it becomes a final customer. Here workflows come into play . But what is a workflow? The workflow is a series of marketing actions that are automated and that are implemented depending on the type of client, their characteristics and how they have interacted with our company.

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