Web architecture

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Web architecture

In this article you will find everything you need to know about web architecture; including, its importance for SEO and much more. The architecture web , according to the information provided to us by the Information Architecture Institute , discusses’ The structural design environments shared information and science and art to label and properly organize web sites, online communities, intranets, and software promote Usability and Ubicability ‘. It is the feature for the web to be found through internet search. This topic is important for search engine optimization (SEO) due to locability. In Spain, Google is the most important search engine, and therefore the most representative search source for any website. Typically, when the word SEO is mobile phone number search canada mentioned , people link it directly to adding keywords to content and writing frequently. And this, in a certain way, is part of the process, but it must be borne in mind that it is not the only thing to be considered. For this reason, it is always interesting to have a person specialized in SEO positioning . On the other hand, there is the concept of web architecture, which must also be developed so that content creation efforts can generate the desired results. Like the traditional concept of architecture, which is based on projecting and designing buildings, spaces and structures, web architecture deals with everything related to the level of design and structure.

Thus, all the content that has a presence on a website will improve its visibility for search engines and its positioning. Basics of web architecture So that we can go deeper into the subject of web page architecture, we must develop its concepts a little more. At this point, we will talk about taxonomies, ontologies, and the types of web architecture that exist. Web taxonomies : when we talk about web taxonomies, we talk about the different terms or topics that rank and divide a website. Thanks to it, users can have a much easier and more orderly navigation within a web. Web ontologies: In this case, we refer to the relationships between the different taxonomies of the web . That is, the connections that may exist between them and how they are related. Types of Web Architecture: Horizontal or flat web architecture: In this type of web architecture , less levels of depth are usually found . In other words, users must make fewer Clicks to be able to find any page within the website.

Vertical web architecture: The type of vertical web architecture has a greater number of levels. If this case is applied, for example, in an Ecommerce, the purchase process could be more difficult and long. Importance of the architecture of a web page for SEO As we mentioned before, web architecture is of great importance for SEO , since, if a website is well designed and structured, the search engine used will find the page more easily and in this way, it will be best positioned. In short, a well-organized and consistent website architecture makes it easy to index and crawl the website in search engines. Google spiders, or crawlers , spend time crawling Taiwan Database and searching a web, it is never limited and depends on many factors. Therefore, when the structure of a web is well organized, spiders will have the ability to discover more pages in the time allotted to the web site. Thus, clearly the positioning results will be more optimal than in a web with more confusing architecture. Influence for the user There are some factors and aspects that are becoming more and more alive and relevant in search engines ; we are talking about user experience , web usability, search intention or information architecture, among others. It can be said that all aspects of a web page are vital and important .

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