Web design trends 2020, 11 options to achieve success

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Web design trends 2020, 11 options to achieve success

The web design trends for 2020 seem to confirm that this year will be the one that confirms the importance of moving elements and specific fonts to make a difference.Trends in web design 2020 Next, we review the most important ones

1. More color and more simplicity
It will bet on the most striking tones, but with different nuances. The corporate color should go hand in hand with a simple menu, with easy-to-understand terms and with a faster loading speed than the current one.

2. Animation
The GIF, animated illustrations and custom , three – dimensional effects and the ability to display all company information in less time are combined. The underlying idea is to ensure that entering a web page is also doing it in the personal world of top china phone number that business. The greater the movement, the greater the ability to achieve a conversion.

3. Designs that break symmetry
The classic rectangular design will go down in history. Combined with the previous section, it always provides mobility . The idea is that we attract attention by leaving aside the constraint of the programming language to break the straight line and, above all, to get out of the natural framework of the main container. In originality is the secret.

4. Content separated, but united by design
Dividing each section into two halves marked by the use of complementary colors allows to create the positive and the negative of the information to be provided. Thus, we get the visitor to spend more time on the page and to be encouraged to know all the available sections.

5. Hover effect
This is the name given to the one that the mouse produces when it is placed on a certain area. Typically, it either changes color or expands automatically. Again, the movement seeks to surprise the user by moving between the different areas of the web.

6. Vertical shift
Instead of using the classic horizontal from left to right, we will use the vertical one so that the pages go automatically without leaving the main page. The result is much cleaner and faster, keeping the interest of the person visiting the web for longer.

7. Fixed bars
They are very effective for the ecommerce because they allow information to set a certain product and the potential customer continue scrolling through images of the same.

8. An own font
Using trendy typography matches all pages, but creating one specific to each company is always a good thing. The idea is to distribute the prominence of the elements already mentioned with a personalized font that makes a difference.

9. Vector graphics and hand drawings
Web page design in 2020 will confirm the importance of mobile devices thanks to the use of vector graphics that offer better resolution. We should combine them with scanned hand drawings that will bring that vintage and original brushstroke to any website.

10. Artificial intelligence and voice commands
Visiting a website will no longer be a one-sided experience on the part of the user since they must have the opportunity to give voice commands to receive the desired response.

11. The anti-design
Its name indicates everything . Doing just the opposite of what is customary is always positive. Although it may seem counterproductive, it is just the Taiwan Database opposite. 2020 will be the year in which we forget about formalities to find new ways to encourage creativity.

The trends in web design in 2020 thus confirm that we have to end immobility and that the person who enters a page must have much easier to find what they are looking for in an original environment and away from ancient designs that have already finished their cycle .

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