Web design trends 2021 Without a doubt

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Web design trends 2021 Without a doubt

This 2020 the history of our planet has been marked by Covid-19. Because of this, the online world and web design trends 2021 will be more important than ever. Confinements and working from home have become part of a new social routine, but also work. Now more than ever, the business focus is on the Internet. Online shopping, social networks, remote work, the virtualization of many fields … Competitiveness in the sector is increasingly aggressive and any company that ignores the importance of being up-to-date on the network will be doomed to failure. This is also not overlooked in the field of digital marketing, where our competition is already prepared to be in fashion belgium contact number next year. The first thing the user sees, the face and direct impression they perceive is, of course, the design of our website. From Idital, we do not want you to be left behind so we are going to present the “2021 web design trends”. Why is UI and UX design important ? First of all, let’s start from the basis of what is the reason for this importance. UI ( User Interface in English) refers to the most graphical part of an online project. This has to do with the appearance and aesthetics of a web page, desktop or smartphone application . It gives the company a distinction as a personal brand , designs it with the necessary animations and transitions and adapts it to mobile devices. On the other hand, the UX ( User Experience ) defines the experience of a user on a website. That is, the reasons and steps through which a person has come to buy a product or service in question. It is the design techniques of this UX that will improve the product and its sale so that the user distinguishes it from its competition.

In this way, the combination of UI and UX are key to the proper functioning of an online project , minimizing delivery time, favoring good communication between design and development or uncovering errors that hinder the sale and benefit our competition. Having clear the concept and importance of UI and UX design , let’s go on to specify the new trends for this 2021: Web Design Trends 2021: Mix of graphics with photography Superimpose graphics on images or drawings, in your infinite creatives. Really creative designs can be created to grab the user’s attention, in many ways. It would be something like a collage of the ancients with a design of your brand, which creates personality and style. It provides visibility and contributes to making certain content more attractive (see financial or technological pages). Graphic and image integration web design 2021 In this image we see perfectly the good harmony between images and graphics. Soft shadows and floating elements We have to be intense in our titles. Emotion is undoubtedly a key element when making a purchase. So it is important that our website evokes good feelings and security.

That is what soft shadows and floating titles provide us, making images visibly in 3D, with some depth and providing lightness. Not only to titles, it could also be applied to texts, videos, images, graphics, etc. It is a way to forget about the already old-fashioned and classic designs in strict 2D. 2021 3D web design trends It’s easy to recognize the depth in the Netflix title. Eye-catching and modern. Bold fonts This is going to be quite a revolution this next 2021. If we could already see them appear with some shyness, next year many websites will try to attract the attention of the user Taiwan Database by using bold in their headings. In this way, it also serves to organize the content of a website quickly and easily in the visitor’s head as it gives the information visual sense. For example, using it in the menu will denote that it has functionality and gives it a certain modernity. Use of bold in web design 2021 Nike knows how to organize the content of its product purchase information by using bold in important headings.

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