Web development: functionality in the visual identity of your brand

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Web development: functionality in the visual identity of your brand

The web development of a digital project is not done in two days, it is impossible. It is also not economical. It is not a game, it is not a decision made lightly. It is a process in which the idealization and conceptualization of an online business model intervenes, the determination of the objectives to be met, together with the strategies and tactics so that these are achieved and, of course, a financing plan. When a brand or company decides to knock on the doors of the online world, the paths to web development are opened . It is, then, an activity whose purpose is to structure the graphic elements within a web page to publicize or reinforce the visual and corporate identity get a german mobile number of a company . It should be a virtual design and a functional design that is interactive and enjoyable for the consumer. Organization and development of a website To begin the process of designing a web page , templates must be created -which are a line to follow to know how the result of the website will be. The structure and design will depend on the business, however, there is a basic model when organizing a website: The logo must be located in the upper left part of the web. Every time users click on it, they must be directed to the home page. The menu should be easily located.

Ideally, it should appear in the central part, on the right or left of the web next to the search field. The header is characterized by having the name of the website, a navigation banner , as well as an advertising banner . The main body of the digital page should contain the most important information of the company, preferably located in modules to optimize reading. Remember that users read the information diagonally; from the upper right corner to the lower right corner. The footer or foothers must be linked to a contact form, the sitemap, or show the most recent updates or entries. Responsive web design Internet browsing is more frequent from smartphones and tablets. That is why a website must offer a comfortable and pleasant experience to the user, making the web design adapt to their device.

With the rapid advance of technology, having a desktop website that can be viewed on a mobile is not enough, why? The loading time is slower, the downloads and the format force the user to zoom the screen to see the details, something quite cumbersome if you take into account that sometimes you must also scroll. The web design Responsive restructuring on the screen of a device the elements of a digital page, so that the available space is optimized. For purposes, it is important to set proportional width and margin measurements instead of determining fixed values ​​in pixels. If a horizontal menu is observed from a smartphone, it will take the vertical form, however, in a responsive web , neither the banners nor the videos will change their format. Choosing Taiwan Database the right page size The width to choose from is the smallest for most computers, for example 600 and 800 pixels wide. Choose a template that contains invisible tables with a variable width, that is, defined by percentage. Impact of colors on the web The composition of colors must comply with one rule: simplicity.

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