Web page You will already know what a web page is and the most likely thing is that you already have one for your business

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Web page You will already know what a web page is and the most likely thing is that you already have one for your business

The company’s website is where we will direct our potential customers. For this reason it is important to have a current website , with an attractive design and quality content . The company’s website must show the identity of the company, what its services are and what products it offers. It is essential that the content is original, interesting for the visitor and adds value. The website is the company’s cover letter on the Internet and can make a difference in attracting visitors and attracting customers. Advantage: Having a web page is practically accessible for any company and allows us to be located by our potential clients, wherever they are from, without geographical limitations, thus increasing the visibility of the company and the interaction with potential potential clients . Drawbacks: A web page that is not ready for sale is nothing more than a digital   Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  card that only users who already know you access. A web page is another sales tool and we must exploit it to help us increase sales. Digital advertising [SEM] It consists of paying an amount in exchange for appearing in digital media or search engines . If we compare digital advertising with traditional advertising, at the cost level it is more affordable and we can reach Advantage: More accessible at the investment level than offline advertising and with a higher degree of segmentation. Drawbacks: If we do not monitor our campaigns, costs can skyrocket and return on investment will be zero or negative. Like all direct advertising, we may be impacting users who are not ready to buy, so the reach is high, but the results are not so much. Remarketing Surely you have been a target of remarketing at some point. Do you remember when you searched for a product on Google or Amazon, and then you would see ads related to your search all over the place? Well, that’s what remarketing consists of, in impacting with targeted ads to users who have shown prior interest, that is, they have already visited your website.

Advantage: Impacts on users who have already shown interest, so their stage in the purchase process is more advanced. Drawbacks: In order to achieve conversions, high monthly investments are needed. Social networks (Social Selling) Digital channels based on large user communities . In social networks they are also used for sale, although the buying process is somewhat broader, remember that in the networks we are to inform ourselves and we do not have the mind thinking about buying. The last of the keys to attracting customers in the industrial sector has to do with social networks. Social networks have great potential to connect with our potential customers and make us known among them. In addition, thanks to social networks we can deepen not only personal relationships, but also professional ones. Another of the great advantages of social networks is that they allow you to create a powerful brand image. However, not all companies should have a presence on all social networks. It is important to know well the profile of our ideal client and to know in which social networks they have a presence. Each company must have social profiles on the networks in which its ideal client is present. Advantage: We can reach many users with small investments. Drawbacks: The user is mostly thinking about leisure and is not thinking about buying. Buy databases Surely at some point you have been tempted to buy an email database and send an email marketing campaign, if you have not already done so. What result have you obtained? Advantage: It is quick to execute, just use a bulk email program and send the campaign. Drawbacks: Nobody likes to receive a sales email directly, so these campaigns are not usually very successful, although there are always exceptions. Marketplaces

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Surely you know Amazon, one of the most important marketplaces in the world. You can upload your products to Amazon and they are responsible for selling them for a commission on sales. There are many types of marketplaces that facilitate the sales of a company. You have them that they sell to the end customer (B2C) or from business to business (B2B). A marketplace is responsible for putting suppliers and buyers in contact . Advantage: You make your products or services available to a high critical mass of users in a few minutes and increase the sales of your company. Drawbacks: You sacrifice a good part of your profit, so you have to control the numbers very well. Email marketing Email marketing is one of the digital strategies that offers the best results. It consists of creating your own database of potential users to buy your products and services and communicate with them through email . Advantage: Having a critical mass of users who know you and interact with your company is priceless, you create a link with your subscribers that in the long term is essential to increase sales. Email is the gold on the Internet. Drawbacks: Creating a quality database takes time and is not easy to do. SEO positioning Sure you’ve done thousands of Google searches, right? The goal of SEO is to reach the top positions in Google for searches made by users. Advantage: SEO is a 24 hour commercial working for your company. When you reach the first positions the traffic to your website increases and the number of contacts grows. Drawbacks: It takes time and technical knowledge to implement a good SEO strategy. Content marketing

It consists of creating valuable content focused on your target customer. We can say that it is a company’s blog, where it communicates its news, news … but content marketing goes further, its objective is to solve the doubts and problems of potential customers . If you are reading this post it is because you have found us on Google or you have seen it on social networks and you have a problem to solve with your sales, otherwise you would not be here. To work well with content marketing, you must first know your ideal client well and detect what their problems are. Visitors will not come to our website on their own. A good way to attract them is through a good content marketing strategy. Content marketing is essential to attract customers in the industrial sector. In this sense, the contents must be focused on advising the user, advising him   Taiwan Database  and showing the advantages of our products. The best way to capture all this content is through a blog in which we can create a community of readers interested in our subject that can become clients. However, many times a blog is not enough. As each potential customer is in a different phase of the sales funnel, it is necessary to adapt other types of content to these stages through ebooks, downloadable, guides, etc.Advantage: It helps us to position ourselves as a benchmark in the sector, to be found by our ideal clients and to generate leads (potential clients) interested in our products or services. Drawbacks: Knowledge is required to implement a good content strategy and it takes time to give us results

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