Welcome back to the world of blogging

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Welcome back to the world of blogging

Lately I have seen more and more voices on social networks proclaiming the return to the world of blogging. Being the owner of your own content does not go out of style. With the growing popularity of social networks, blogs have lost relevance in recent years . This has never worried me because just as I do not follow trends in SEO, I also do not do it with platforms that are becoming fashionable. blogging world Adobe Stock photo rights The blog for me is a long-term strategy
I have already written 5 years ago on the subject explaining my bet with the blog as a long-term strategy in the style of Warren Buffet .As time goes by, you see certain trends come and go. I have never paid attention to Google+ and the possibilities it offered to have greater visibility through the author’s photo in search results. I have completely ignored China Business Phone List and use Instagram to purely professional use for my business accounts.

My philosophy has always been to do few things but to show consistency with the fields in which I decide to act. In this sense, I have been writing for almost a decade now on this blog with about 3,000 entries. Quantity is not quality, but certainly more is better . Less is more is the biggest lie people who have limited butt movement ability have ever invented .
Is it a good idea to create content on platforms that are not yours?
Now the debate that some have started focuses on the ownership of the content that is created on the platforms that we do not own. Neither the Twitter account, nor the Facebook or Instagram accounts really belong to you. You have access to them as long as you do not violate the terms of use and the platforms exist.China Business Phone List

My intention with this post is not to convince anyone to resume and / or open a blog. I am simply going to share my reasons for continuing to do what I am doing for over 9 years.
I enjoy.
It helps me reflect on what I do.
It allows me to document my path.
It fills me with pride when I receive positive feedback.
It helps me improve when I receive criticism.
It helps me create a memory about my achievements and failures.
It allows me to create a legacy for my children in the form of shared experience.
My blog is mine, it is my content, my experiences, no one is going to take it away from me (for now). In the worst case, I will be able to extract the articles from my laptop where I have the collection of entries from the last years stored.

Publishing in networks is easy and fast. At the moment it Taiwan Database seems like the smartest way to create content. We’ll see what the future brings us. I’ll continue here in case you have any doubts.

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