wetransfer welcome Once you have read it,

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wetransfer welcome Once you have read it,

Click the ” I Accept ” button and it will take you to the screen where you can start sending your messages. wetransfer interface Step 3: Upload your files To upload your files, click on the ” + ” icon where it says ” Add your files ” on the left side of the screen. Your device’s browser will open, allowing you to access the item you want to send. Remember that if you use the free version you have a maximum of 2 GB per shipment, although you can make several different shipments. wetransfer At the bottom of the box you will also see an icon with three dots: « … «, click on them and you will see a menu where you can decide how you want to send the file. You can decide if it is a link or an email. wetransfer link By selecting the link, you will effectively obtain a link that you egypt phone number can share through a messaging application such as WhatsApp or any other channel that allows you to communicate with the recipient by text. If, on the other hand, you decide to send it by email, you must add the email address of your recipient and yours, so that person can know who the sender of the message is. Once you have completed all three fields, click the ” Submit ” button and your files will be submitted. In this menu you can also see two options to configure the expiration date of the message with your files.

This is something that you can modify in the premium or paid version, but not in the free version, where you only have two weeks. After that time the files will be deleted and the recipient will no longer be able to access them, you would have to repeat the procedure again. wetransfer transfer Step 4. File transfer Once you have completed the whole process, a percentage will appear and you will have to wait until it is 100% complete. Once the shipment is ready, WeTransfer will notify you and ask you if you want to send another type of file. If so, you must perform the same steps, but if you have no more items to send and you are done, you can now close the website. Step 5: How to receive the files? If you are the recipient of a file sent via WeTransfer for free, you will receive a link in your email. The sender of this email is the platform itself and all you have to do is click on that link to download the files to your device. When this process is done, the original sender automatically receives an email confirming that the recipient has successfully downloaded the files. If you receive a package of compressed files in .

zip or .rar format, you will have to use a specific tool to decompress your files and have access to them. The most popular tools for file compression and decompression are WinRar and WinZip . You must enter the website you prefer and download the software. Install it on your device and you can now unzip your received files through WeTransfer. If you are a Mac Taiwan Database user you can use The Unarchiver , downloading it from the web or from the Mac App Store. And if you don’t want to start installing any kind of software on your computer, you can also unzip your files with online tools such as Archive Extractor . You just have to enter the web, select your compressed file, upload it and, once unzipped, download the content again by clicking on each file separately.

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