What are motivational or inspirational posts for if your blog is not about that?

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What are motivational or inspirational posts for if your blog is not about that?

Motivational posts don’t just serve to inspire the reader. There may be many reasons behind why it may make sense to show this facet as a blogger. Let’s say your blog is not about motivation or inspiration. It is probably the case of 99% of the people who are reading this post (that the people who do have one to leave a record in the comments … 😉 ). The question in such a case is. Why write about those topics? Motivational Latvia Phone Number List photo rights I will be honest with you. In my case it arose out of “necessity” . In the early days of the challenge of writing a daily post, it was over time quite difficult to find topics of marketing interest to readers. So I started talking about other things, covering a range of topics more broadly. The feedback at the time was very good so I have continued with it so far. Especially the motivational and inspirational entries had great participation (and generally continue to do so). Now I usually touch on these topics on the weekend because they are posts that usually come out naturally (and comfortably) to me. By the way, I’m not the only one with a marketing blog that touches on these topics. Both this blogger and this other do it tooto show different facets of your work that helps you create a stronger connection with the reader.

A blog not only transmits knowledge but also emotions and above all personality . If someone reads the first three sentences of your post and does not detect that there is someone human behind you, you have a problem. You will never achieve the most important thing you need as a blogger: trust . It is the reason why I have refused to win 200 euros in 20 minutes and just yesterday I did it again. I am not overflowing but I am clear that a short-term income can be more expensive if I lose that asset. nA motivational post does not always have to have the objective of motivating readers, but on many occasions the entry is written for oneself . You are the person who most needs to read those lines at that moment. We are all human, weak and sometimes we feel like giving up or throwing in the towel . You need to remind yourself that the price you are paying to live your dreams is low compared to what would be a comfortable and relaxed life that sooner or later would have led to an identity crisis or a search for the meaning of life.Latvia Phone Number List

I’m not one of those who thinks that the typical “if you want you can” always work but sometimes people need to hear that . Motivation is an essential element that allows us to get up with enthusiasm every day. We can fall, fail, stick it, call it what you want but if we lose hope we lose everything. The strength of a person is not defined by the weights they can lift in the gym but by the mental ability to overcome obstacles even if they seem unbeatable. I am one of those who think that things have to be done with enthusiasm. There is no greater price one Taiwan Database can be paying than being unhappy . We need to have the feeling at the end of the day that we have used up the last drop of energy. To have given everything. We are so busted we can’t even sleep. We count the hours so that it is daylight again and we can go back to what others call work. It is having found the meaning of life. It is the engine of evolution and it has brought us here. Things do not start tomorrow, they are done now. There is no turning back now.

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