What are Spaniards looking for on the Internet when they go back to school?

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What are Spaniards looking for on the Internet when they go back to school?

Although we are at the beginning of August, there are just a few weeks before the start of the school year for children, and the famous “back to school” involves acquiring new material, books, footwear, clothing, accessories, etc. In short, in the Afghanistan Mobile Number List days before September begins, there is an increase in searches related to this topic on the Internet. These are trends that the brands in the sector must be aware of in order to get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

Related Notes: 5 ideas to implement social networks in schools 5 trends that will radically change internet searches How much search traffic is coming from Google? As explained in an article by the portal Think with Google, in 2014 40% of online searches in the “back to school” period were made through mobile devices and this percentage is expected to increase in 2015. Afghanistan Mobile Number List

Searches such as ‘made to measure clothes’ or ‘uniforms’ tend to experience significant growth in this period before children start school, around 14%. In the footwear category, searches also increased by around 5%, with ‘sports shoes’ the leading category, followed by ‘loafers’ and ‘shoe accessories’.

We cannot forget about textbooks, key articles in the Brother Cell Phone List return to the classroom. As this Google platform points out, searches related to this topic begin in June and reach their highest peak in September. In addition, 28% of the searches carried out on textbooks in 2014 were from mobile devices. Another category that experienced a strong increase in online searches is accessories, leading to ‘backpacks for school’ (18% of total searches), followed by ‘wallets’ (8%) and ‘hair accessories’. 43% of accessory searches were made through a mobile device.

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