What Are the Features of Sketch?

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What Are the Features of Sketch?

We know what Sketch is, but what makes it so special? The application has many attributes that made it one of the favorites of professionals dedicated to interface design and web development. Next, we will leave you the features of Sketch as listed on its website. It has all the basic tools Sketch has everything you need for interface design. In the toolbar, at the top of the screen, you can find everything essential from designing icons to creating complete concepts for a new digital product. They are also suitable for beginners and experts alike! Web design tools work intuitively and allow you to have precision at the pixel level . In the same way, now you know that Sketch is the only interface design app with which you have a non-destructive workflow.

That is, changes can be made without modifying the original file and are very easy to revert without ruining the whole thing. job. basic sketch tools focuses on design The layout of the platform and its functions are focused on providing the best features to present the best possible web design and prototype work. In the same way, Sketch gives you grids and an interface to be able to keep your work very organized and clean , as well as Cyprus Phone Number to customize the main screen to suit you better. Among other tools for creating a web design in Sketch, it lets you resize element constraints for easy scaling, provides shortcuts for rearranging and resizing layers, and gives you infinite control over typography .

It Has All the Basic Tools

Sketch is a software focused on design Insert components and design system Sketch is built on a system that gives you access to shared libraries of symbols, text, and styles, as well as reusable components that you can send to your collaborators, while keeping your team up to date with system updates works. of your design. In addition, there is a function to create a color palette to use in all your designs and then share it with others. Through this, we can standardize the aesthetics of our digital products such as web and application interfaces. Also, the interface design application contains the Smart Layout option . Through it, the symbols or text you use will automatically adapt to the available space, saving you a lot of time.

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You just need to open “Insert Window”, write the name in the browser and drag the element to the canvas in just a few seconds. Insert components in Sketch Create the prototype in Sketch If we want to talk about what Sketch is, we must mention that it is a great option to make the prototype of a digital product , such as a web page or a Smartphone application. It has never been easier to share your projects and receive feedback from your clients. Through Sketch you can link the parts of your interface design very easily and create prototypes to test all your ideas in the software for Mac or on your own digital iOS device in Sketch Mirror app. Changes appear automatically, allowing you to work with better visibility and faster.

Focuses on Design

As previously mentioned, Sketch software gives you the opportunity to create. A shared library with all the symbols, text, and color palettes for a cohesive interface design. All of this is possible through Sketch Cloud ! Similar to the Google or Apple cloud, Sketch has its own system to share. Files and make it easier to work with other collaborators. Cross-platform tools allow you to add feedback, use of shared items and the ability. To keep all team members on the same page. It also gives you the Smart Sharing option , that is, you can manage your files. In the cloud and assign who to share them with, which documents are private and place them in the shared space. You can customize the folders according to your needs!

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