What are the key factors for creating viral content?

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What are the key factors for creating viral content?

How cool is the idea of ​​creating content that receives thousands or even millions of visits? How to do it? Let’s take a closer look at the key factors that are required. When I started blogging over 10 years ago I was obsessed with one thing. I was hoping that every article I put out would go viral. At the time we had fewer options to achieve it because there was no Twitter and Facebook was not what it is today. I don’t even talk to you about other social networks. viral Bulgaria Phone Number List photo rights The post viral topic is still of great interest. I recently did a survey through the comments of the post, to choose the topic of the next webinar that I was going to teach. Despite having to compete with the theme of monetization , the webinar on the generation of viral posts came out the winner. If you just landed here, I will have already imparted it. You can download the recording by subscribing here .

In this post I will briefly summarize the highlights of the online seminar. The content as the basis of the viralWe start from the base of any viral: the content. This has to meet some conditions to achieve that effect at the level of dissemination that we seek. Not all criteria necessarily have to be met at once, but at least one of them is usually found in content that can be classified as viral. Quality content : “quality” allows a relatively wide interpretation. Is a humorous content of quality? Is it a synonym for well-crafted and well-crafted? There are “crappy” viral content so it is not a mandatory factor. In the world of blogging, “mega-entry” type posts have that potential. It is obvious that writing more than 10,000 words in text format is not a guarantee, but there is a tendency that more elaborate articles are shared more frequently than shorter ones. It attacks a specific niche : it is enough to observe the latest viral videos that this factor is not essential either since it does not apply in all cases. Even so, it can help to focus on a specific type of audience (athletes, mothers, dentists, vegetarians, etc.) to achieve greater diffusion in less time. People who share viral content need to be able to identify with it and want to involve third parties who may feel the same.

They facilitate interaction between users : channels such as Twitter and Facebook are often channels for the spread of virals because they simplify interaction between users. It is easy to share and react to content. The conversation acts as an amplifier that helps reach more people. The fact that content allows users to easily create their own versions can act like gasoline that meets fire. Just think about the Harlem Shake phenomenon to understand this dynamic. Live face-to-face events : content created in face-to-face events with online broadcasting can have viral potential, fulfilling at least one of the previously mentioned factors. This Red Bull action probably comes to mind for some . Factors beyond content to achieve virality The content is a key piece of the puzzle but by no means the only one. Based on scientific studies mixed with my own experience, it could be supplemented as follows. Bulgaria Phone Number List

Powerful diffusers : we’ve talked about quality content before. A good example of a “crappy” viral video that has achieved diffusion without the author really having proposed it is the one you can see below. The explosive point was a tweet from Jimmy Kimmel, a Prime Time moderator from the United States who, thanks to his millions of followers on Twitter, lit the fire. A strong push from a powerful broadcaster is usually a great help to get a viral (especially if the content already has that potential).
Active Communities: When you create content suitable for a very specific target audience, it helps a lot to have an active community within reach. It is at best consisting of your blog readers themselves. Communities can also be commercial in nature. Just think of Nike Plus as a community of several million runners. Another example of a very active community you can see in the video below.

Advertising platforms: obviously not any type of advertising will serve you. It has to offer the ability to segment hyper-precisely at a very low cost. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and sometimes also Twitter can give you that necessary push by investing some money. Many contents that have the potential to achieve a lot of diffusion simply do not achieve it because they lack that initial inertia that a well-segmented campaign can provide Taiwan Database . Always when I start this type of posts I realize that I fall short with what I write. No wonder there are books written on the subject. Other key factors that require attention are emotion generation and actuality (Zeitgeist). If you register for the webinar, you will be able to obtain more detailed information on these aspects in the recording of the seminar . In a next post I will deal with concrete examples to start creating viral content on a blog ..

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